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Fanatic followers of J. Krishnamurti

Nov 03, 2008 06:45 AM
by Anand

There is fashion among fanatic followers of J. Krishnamurti to
ridicule all great religious and spiritual teachers and their
teachings. These fanatic followers support such nonsense of J.
Krishnamurti by telling Buddhism does the same. Krishnamurtians reject
Great Teachers and their teachings and say that following anybody is
I ask these followers to think about what Buddha taught and how
Buddhist religion DEMANDS faith in Buddha and his teaching. Below are
given central beliefs of Buddhism. I can see great similarity between
Christian baptism and this Buddhist ritual.
"In the garden of the Buddhist College, Leadbeater repeated the Three
Refuges and the Five Precepts of Buddhism in the presence of Hikkaduwe
Sumangala Thero, and became a Buddhist:

          I reverence the Blessed One, the Holy One, the

          Perfect in Wisdom....

          I take the Lord Buddha as my guide.

          I take His Law as my guide;

          I take His Order as my guide...

          (1) I observe the precept to refrain from the destruction of

          (2) I observe the precept to refrain from taking that which
is not mine.

          (3) I observe the precept to refrain from unlawful sexual

          (4) I observe the precept to refrain from falsehood.

          (5) I observe the precept to refrain from using intoxicating
liquors or stupefying drugs. [3] "

Anand Gholap

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