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Invitation to Anand to give us the Evidence of the Masters

Nov 01, 2008 11:30 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You wrote:

> I did not say that Masters don't exist. I think they do exist. But
> there is possibility that Blavatsky materialized letters which were
> not always containing Masters' thoughts. There are too many problems
> in Blavatsky's writing and work in general. Sometimes she might have
> faked letters to make others believe in the existence of Masters.
> Blavatsky needed co-operation of other people and so to impress them
> she did some miracles like production of letters from nowhere, cup 

But Anand, if YOUR "possibility" --- as given in your previous 
postings --- is to be seriously considered then there is NO evidence 
that shows that the Masters really existed.  The testimony can be 
always explained away by postulating that HPB had the power to create 
illusions of the Masters.  She could create the form of the Master 
and create the illusion that the Master had visited certain 

For the "true researcher" that you apparently were appealing to, ALL 
evidence for their physical existence vanishes.....HPB --- being the 
devious person you have made her out to be --- created thru her own 
psychic power these images of the Masters and projected those for 
others to "see"....

Now Anand, if you think there is therefore any good evidence of their 
physical existence left, then please Anand please TELL US WHAT THAT 
EVIDENCE IS and give us a FEW examples of that evidence.....

I invite you to do this...for the sake of all true researchers!!!



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