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To Anand: The Value of THE MAHATMA LETTERS

Nov 01, 2008 11:08 AM
by danielhcaldwell


In response to what you write given at the end of this posting, I 
will say the following:

Well, the Mahatma Letters have been published in their entirety since 
1923 and have been thru four editions and is even being currently 
sold by the Adyar TPH!  They are even on the internet!  So they are 
fortunately out there for anyone anywhere to read....

I am so glad that the Mahatma Letters were published.  It was after 
reading these letters especially the letters in which KH describes 
life after death that I began to realize that Besant and Leadbeater 
had misunderstood the true teachings of Theosophy.  Many of KH's 
statements in the Mahatma Letters were confirmed by some of my 
previous studies in parapsychology, spiritualism and even in Greek 
and Hebrew religious studies.

Richard Robb who founded Wizards Bookshelf first discovered Theosophy 
by discovering a copy of THE MAHATMA LETTERS.  He treasures the 
Mahatma Letters.

The Mahatma Letters bring to life the Masters and give perceptive 
readers a glimpse into the REAL work of these Adepts.  In comparison 
the portrayal of the Masters by Leadbeater and Besant is a caricature.

In fact the reading of THE MAHATMA LETTERS motivated me to start in 
the early 1970s all of my research and study of the early 
Theosophical Society and lead me to tracking down thousands of 
original source documents on both Blavatksy and the Mahatmas.

And from looking at my stats from my website, my page on "The 
Mahatmas and their Letters" is one of the more visited pages --  
getting hits in the last month or so from readers in more than 100 
countries thruout the world.  The page can be viewed at:

I highly recommend these letters.  They should be carefully read and 


Anand wrote:

> I think Mahatma Letters should not have been published. Publication 
> doing more harm to the world than helping it. There had always been
> some unwise individual in the TS and around it, who gave too much
> importance to Mahatma Letters. As Mahatma Letters have somehow got
> published, we can't stop it. Best thing we can do is not to promote
> them. There are too many problems in Mahatma Letters.
>  I don't blame Mahatmas for that. I don't think Mahatmas approve
> publication of letters. It is lack of wisdom on the part of some
> people that Mahatma Letters got published and letters are given lot 
> emphasis by some individuals. 
> I have studied subject of spirituality for many decades. I also have
> Master's degree in management and Diploma in Mechanical 
Engineering. I
> was among the top  scorers in mathematics and sciences. I am not
> telling this to raise my image. The reason I am telling this is 
> should know that I am not unintelligent. I use reason, logic as well
> as intuition. I don't claim to be infallible, as nobody on the earth
> can be infallible.
> I use my judgment, wisdom and knowledge while recommending certain
> teachings and rejecting certain writings. It is not just accuracy,
> there are many factors which I consider before recommending or
> rejecting certain teaching. Lot of wisdom and knowledge is required.
> There is no quick formula that can tell which writing to be promoted
> and which to reject.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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