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Re: More on "Anand's New Possibility: HPB created...the Master"

Nov 01, 2008 10:59 AM
by Anand

I did not say that Masters don't exist. I think they do exist. But
there is possibility that Blavatsky materialized letters which were
not always containing Masters' thoughts. There are too many problems
in Blavatsky's writing and work in general. Sometimes she might have
faked letters to make others believe in the existence of Masters.
Blavatsky needed co-operation of other people and so to impress them
she did some miracles like production of letters from nowhere, cup etc.

Anand Gholap

--- In, "danielhcaldwell"
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> On October 18th, I sent a posting to Theos-Talk titled:
> "Anand's New Possibility: HPB created the form of the Master"
> I want to go back over this material and add a few additional 
> comments.
> I first give below the gist of my previous comments and then after 
> that I give a few more thoughts:
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> So Anand, if Madame Blavatsky herself had the ability/power
> to "create a form of the Master, show that form to people, and ...
> [make] them feel that Master had visited them or met them", what else
> might the the "true researcher" want to consider?????
> If HPB could indeed "create a form of the Master" and bamboozle
> people into thinking a "real Master visited those individuals", then
> have YOU considered an even MORE thought-provoking possibility?
> Anand, isn't it also possible that there were NO Masters Koot Hoomi
> and Morya and Djual Khool --- no masters at all? They just didn't
> really exist!!!
> H.P. Blavatsky --- being the devious character you have tried to
> portray her as --- simply MADE UP, INVENTED the Mahatmas in the first
> place. And she used this remarkable power to BAMBOOZLE all the
> Theosophists --- Colonel Olcott, A.P. Sinnett, Countess Wachtmeister,
> S. Ramaswamier, William Q Judge, C.W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant and a
> few dozen other people --- into believing they had encountered these
> Mahatmas when in fact they were simply experiencing thought-forms
> created by Blavatsky herself.
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> It seems that Anand proposed this possibility in order to invalidate 
> and cast doubt especially on the testimonies of people who saw the 
> Mahatmas and also received some of the Mahatma letters when H.P. 
> Blavatsky was hundreds if not thousands of miles away.
> One example I gave was when Master KH came in his physical body to 
> visit Olcott, Damodar and Mr. Brown on the outskirts of Lahore.  At 
> that time the Master gave a letter to the Colonel.  
> But as I said in my original Oct. 18th posting partly given above, IF 
> HPB could in fact use her psychic/occult powers to even "create a 
> form of the Master" and bamboozle people into thinking a "real Master 
> visited those individuals", THEN ALL EVIDENCE AND TESTIMONIES GIVEN 
> So it is possible that there were no Mahatmas at all.  HPB -- for 
> reasons best known to her --- imagined the Mahatmas and with her 
> psychic powers could create illusions in which witnesses were 
> deceived into believing that they had encountered the Mahatma in his 
> physical body.
> For example, see my webpage in which I compiled:
> "Colonel Henry S. Olcott's Testimony about His Meetings with the 
> Master Morya"
> If we seriously entertain Anand's possibility, as Anand encouraged 
> all "true researchers" to do, then there is no historical evidence 
> whatsoever that could in any way prove that the Mahatmas existed as 
> real and physical persons.   All evidence can be "explained" away by 
> supposing that Madame Blavatsky could "create a form of the Master, 
> show that form to people, and ...[make] them feel that Master had 
> visited them or met them".
> This theory suggested by Anand actually reminds me of certain 
> Christian writers who have suggested that the so-called Mahatmas were 
> actually "demons" who possessed HPB.  These demons also deceived the 
> early Theosophists into believing they were visited by "Mahatmas".
> The "Mahatmas" according to this theory were either "demons" 
> or "illusions" created by the demons.
> In effect, Anand's possibility if seriously entertained and advocated 
> could be used by skeptics to invalidate both the Masters and 
> Theosophy.
> Food for thought....
> Daniel

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