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TS - Barking up the wrong Tree?

Oct 31, 2008 02:31 PM
by MKR

Looking at what has happened since December 2007, I think we are not keeping
our focus on #1 problem of TS for more than a decade and even today. It is
membership decline around the world except for India. Membership is
bleeding. Someone recently mentioned that in some Sections members are
leaving faster than joining ones.

None of the wise, learned, smart & experienced "leaders" who have been in
the middle of the GC and National Administrations seem to see this simple
fact which is staring at all of us. Instead, all the focus has been directed
to International Governance as if it is the most critical issue needing
urgent action including disenfranchisement of members worldwide and trying
to seize control of the International President.

However, we need to acknowledge the street smartness of the players who have
succeeded in distracting the focus of members on membership issue and in
turn the leaders as well because of the dangerous direction attempted. I
wish those who planned and executing/executed strategy would contribute a
lot to stem the tide of disappearing membership if only they put their
efforts in that direction. This has to be done at the National and Lodge
level and the leaders have to first take care of their own backyards before
trying to reform what is going on Internationally. Hopefully, members would
wake up and be vigilant because it is their organization and not that of a
handful of GC members who continue to operate in a very non-transparent

Just imagine where TS would be today, but for the Internet. Leaders will
have a field day with control over the print medium of communication with
the membership. It is a blessing that none of the GC members did not think
of these plans a decade ago and if it had been done then, it would have been
a quick fait accompli and we will have a TS transformed with a clique in
full control.

Let us all be vigilant, it is our society and because there is no
transparency, no body should be surprised if some new revelation comes up
about plans not in the interests of the ordinary members like you and me.


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