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Re: Theos-World P. Krishna & followers of JK should be permanently sent to Mars

Oct 30, 2008 07:46 PM
by Anand

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> And where is the so-called universal brotherhood? Where is the
> Where is the wisdom? :-)

My request to NASA contains all three- universal brotherhood,
compassion and wisdom. Here is how.
One major factor hindering Universal Brotherhood of humanity is
teachings of J. Krishnamurti. By sending P. Krishna and other
followers of J. Krishnamurti to Mars we can reduce spread of
disastrous teaching of J. Krishnamurti. And so that hindrance in
Universal Brotherhood will be removed.
Request has compassion too. Instead of sending followers of J.
Krishnamurti to Mars, NASA could just send Krishnamurtians into space
at the mercy of cosmic forces, which would keep them floating in the
space unable to do anything. But by sending them to Mars we ensure
that they live.
There is also wisdom in the request. Krishnamurtians are accumulating
very bad karma for themselves by misleading people with JK's teaching.
So wisely we are removing them from this destructive work and putting
them into constructive work of finding water and forests on Mars, data
which scientists need for space research.

Anand Gholap

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> Subject: Theos-World P. Krishna & followers of JK should be
permanently sent
> to Mars
> My request to NASA is they should design one rocket. Put P. Krishna
> and other followers of J. Krishnamurti in that rocket. And send that
> rocket to Mars. 
> These people should not be allowed to return to earth unless they find
> forests and inhabitants on Mars. It will keep these followers of J.
> Krishnamurt busy and they won't trouble humanity on earth by
> ridiculous teaching of J. Krishnamurti. 
> If they trouble Martians with J. Krishnamurti's teaching, they should
> be sent to Neptune to find forests and inhabitants. 
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