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Theos-World Re: Anand, What do you think about Masters at Adyar?????

Oct 30, 2008 07:21 PM
by Anand

--- In, Raquel Rodríguez <raquel_rpj@...>
> In Theos Talk Anand writes:
> <<<"C.W. Leadbeater was reliable clairvoyant, most of the times..">>> 
> Dear Anand
> Reading this posting of you, this sentence, called my attention
especially and I would appreciate if you could explain me, what do you
exactly mean by " reliable clairvoyant, MOST OF THE TIMES..."?, as the
way I understand it is: 
> Clairvoyant etymologically comes from the Latin Clarus-Clear and
Videns-One who sees. Something like Clear seeing is what it means.
> So, myself I am not a clairvoyant, in did I have 1,75 diopters on my
right eye and 0, 50 on the left of astigmatism, and this kind of
vision I have I HAVE ALL THE TIME. It never happens to me that
SOMETIMES I see better or sometimes worst. When I look through my
physical eyes I always perceive my surroundings in the same way
> Someone with no diopters on his eyes I can imagine that will always
see with no diopters.
> If this is happening in the physical plane I can imagine it should
be the same for the astral. If you can see clear on the astral is
because an organ of the mind that migth have been dormant has been
awake and get in to function. So once your astral vision organ is
functioning, it should just function, like the physical eyes.
> But Leadbeater was sometimes clairvoyant, sometimes not, or so to
say, sometimes he had clear vision sometimes not. 
> What kind of explanation do you see for that? I am sure you find one.
> Best Regards
> Raquel

Person's ability to see physical plane things depends on the condition
of his eyes and is limited because eye can not receive and transmit to
the brain all the frequencies of light. Person may see physical plane
things more clearly when he was young and when he becomes old, he sees
same things blurred. Use glasses and he again sees more clearly. And
in some eye diseases person stops seeing everything. That means
perception in physical plane depends on the condition of eyes,
inherent limitations of human eyes etc.
Also interpretation of those images brought by eye depends on person's
own mental physical and other conditions. In astral plane also
perception is limited by capacity of the astral body and
interpretation depends on person. 
Clairvoyance means seeing clearly. In Theosophical context it is
generally meant seeing things of planes higher than physical, i.e.
astral, mental etc.
When I said Leadbeater clairvoyance was reliable most of the times, I
meant that nobody sees everything clearly all the time, just as
nobody's vision of physical plane and it's interpretation are clear
and correct all the time. But we can depend on observation of people
who are fairly accurate most of the times. And it this sense we can
call Leadbeater's clairvoyance reliable.
Anand Gholap


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