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Re: Gregory Tillett's Leadbeater Thesis Now Online at

Oct 29, 2008 01:14 PM
by nhcareyta

--- In, "danielhcaldwell" 
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> I am happy to announce that Dr. Tillett has allowed me to publish 
> online an easy-to-read version of his thesis on C.W. Leadbeater.

Dear Daniel and all

Daniel, thank you for posting this.

Thank you Dr Tillett for permitting it thus as it is scholarly 
theosophical research of the highest order.
It is a valuable resource from which your groundbreaking book 
The Elder Brother was compiled. 

Theosophy struggles for credibility and integrity in the broader 
community thanks in part to the outrageous behaviour of 
Bishop C W Leadbeater. 

His lies and deceit are well covered in this voluminous work. 

Dr Tillett is sometimes fair-minded to the point of generous in 
his attempts to explain a possible rationale for certain of Bishop 
Leadbeater's untruths, such as his need for acceptance within the 
society of the time. 

Whilst this may be somewhat understandable, the Bishop has no 
such excuse for his many other lies, such as to falsely claim 
to have seen the Mahatma M in 1851, which was three years before 
he was born in 1854. 

>From my perspective the Bishop claimed he was born in 1847 to 
support his putative "occult" connection with Dr Besant, whilst 
claiming the sighting to "match" Madame Blavatsky's genuine 
meeting with the same Mahatma.

As mentioned in a previous post, attempts to associate the 
Bishop's paedophilia with tantric sex magic is moot. 

It does not excuse, mitigate or validate his getting into bed naked 
with young boys and engaging in masturbation, an act he admitted.

Requiring his young charges to drink their own semen is beyond 
revolting and disgusting to any half decent human being. 

The "spiritualizing of paedarasty" is an absolute outrage. 

As Dion Fortune is quoted, "It is more than tragic that young boys 
should be foully made use of in black occultism." 

Notwithstanding his untiring efforts within the organization, and 
the many decent people who have joined due to his writings, 
Bishop Leadbeater utterly disgraced Theosophy and helped 
fracture the Adyar Theosophical Society and its original mission.

Despite some magnificent work carried out by many in the Adyar 
Theosophical Society and Liberal Catholic church, those in the 
hierarchy of these organizations, who support and perpetuate the 
lies, fantastical fantasies and moral perversities of Bishop 
Leadbeater should perhaps re-think their allegiance.

If occult energies and interconnectedness have any validity, and all 
thought and action is energy, as taught by Theosophy and Bishop 
Leadbeater himself, what energies and influences are being perpetuated
by supporting this man's teachings and actions?  

It is to be hoped that those who continue to support Bishop 
Leadbeater, perhaps through ignorance of his activities and 
diabolical mindset, perhaps from a perverted sense of loyalty, or 
even from a need for Theosophy to be putatively "simplified", despite 
its betrayal in large part at his hands, may now see matters a little 
differently due to this internet expose of Dr Tillett's thesis, and 
act accordingly.

For those who do not, we will have to respectfully disagree on 
our perspective.

Thank you again Daniel and Dr Tillett.

Kind regards

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