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Re: Gregory Tillett's Leadbeater Thesis Now Online at

Oct 29, 2008 11:50 AM
by Anton Rozman

Hi Daniel and Gregory,

Thank you very much for putting the Thesis online in a more 
accessible form. I already went through half of it and have some 
questions I would like to ask:

On the page 247 there are excerpts from Leadbeater's letter to 
Fullerton. Did Leadbeater in that letter address also the allegation 
that he slept with boys in a same bed?

On the page 251 there is cited the sworn statement by Douglas Pettit 
in which he stated that he slept in a same bed with Leadbeater for a 
period of seven months. Can you please determine the exact period of 
time covered by those seven months?

On the page 254 it is mentioned that: The American Theosophists began 
moves to have Leadbeater expelled from the TS ? Were these 
theosophists members of the ES as then on the page 264 there is said 
that: She (Annie Besant) intended to expel from the ES all who had 
taken part in "this insane action", and latter on that she even 
formed an Inner Group within the ES?

It would be an interesting question also how Leadbeater's teachings 
and work was in general viewed by members of the ES (especially in 
America) in that period.

Thank you in advance and warmest regards,

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<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> I am happy to announce that Dr. Tillett has allowed me to publish 
> online an easy-to-read version of his thesis on C.W. Leadbeater.
> Readers can find this version at:
> Daniel
> Blavatsky Study Center / Blavatsky Archives

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