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Re: Theos-World The Peopling of the Earth: Anthropogenic Stanzas of Dzyan

Oct 28, 2008 05:15 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

I do not say that I support each and all what EvD claims - on the opposite I 
reject many detailed conclusions as wrong.
But since theosophy gives us also not much detailed information there is a 
grey zone were one has to find out for himself, whether his conclusions 
agree with the ancient wisdom or not.

His plus is that he makes the youth snoopy and presents an alternative view 
to scientism and its dogmas.

His general view is surely in accord with theosophy:

- that ancient cultures existed
- that the age of mankind counts into the millions
- that he were visited by aliens either from space or unknown realms of the 

Be he a theosophist or not, with his energy he has done much more to bring 
the masses into the thought direction the Mahatmas wish than all proud 
pensionist lodge presidents together, who want to take their fancy little 
secrets with them into their grave and wait since decades that the Mahatmas 
appear in their living rooms and doing the homework for them. They are quite 
sure of that kind of working division: Here the proud leaders which have to 
be honored for their post and on the other side the hard working Mahatmas - 
because they have heard that the Mahatmas are subject to karma, therefore 
the razor-sharp conclusion: All Mahatmas are my slaves.

BTW, another main alibi for the lazy theosophists is - you will be much 
interested to hear it -: It was not, it was Hitler. Because of their 
lifelong lie that they were persecuted by Hitler they can destroy all 
material and documents since 60 years - but that is another topic.

It's new to me that EvD has misresented the Nasca lines. Really? Maybe, I am 
not the Nazca expert. I know that he was several times there and that he was 
befriends with the great Nasca expert Maria Reiche, don't?
Perhaps you just have a poor translation, I never read his American 


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 Nice to know, you are over there where you can access Von Danikens Ancient 
Astronaut Society and his playgrounds he built. Like you I also read many 
years ago a couple of his books. But I had problems with him misrepresenting 
some the of permanent features of the Nasca Lines and that lowered his 
credibility in my personal view.  His books were stimulating in a 
generalized way and made fun reading as beginner stock.

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John wrote abaout Daniel:

>If none of us were followers of Eric Von Daniken which seems to be the case
>as none of any of us ever mentioned his name, then it follows that you must
>be the only "Follower" of Eric Von Daniken on this Forum. I never realized
>that before.

Daniel cannot be regarded as having the monopoly here on Erich von Däniken,
since I, a theos-talk member since its beginning in 1997, have mentioned him
here and then.:-)

I read him since two decades and he was in fact the key person who brought
me in this incarnation to the gupta vidya, since he quoted The Secret
Doctrine which caused a flashback to me.

BTW, in one of the major German lexica, the "Bertelsmann Lexikon", EvD - as
he is called by his friends - he is labeled as "a theosophist" - although in
magazine articles of his co-workers HPB and theosophy is always downplayed.

In his latest book Falsch informiert! (Wrong informed!) EvD gives again
first hand knowledge abaout the Cheops conspiracy. As a member of the Pen
Club he also for the first time protests publicly against laws to silence
those authors who come to other conclusions about historical events than the
political correct party line allows.

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