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Re: Theos-World The Peopling of the Earth: Anthropogenic Stanzas of Dzyan

Oct 27, 2008 10:58 AM
by Augoeides-222

  At least thats the way I recall it, my recall may be dim as I don't stay attached to things. Basically the retorts I made covered many invented distortions of reality that were circulated outside of this Forum  which I listed.That was my focus. Political Groups circulate poison and others consume it.  The 911 Terrorist Attacks were just that "Terrorist Attacks" and not a conspiracy of the American Government to attack itself or it's people. I remain as I previously stated when I itemized what 911 was not. What I have objection to is willfull circulation of entirely malicious wrongful lies to take advantage of the harmed America during the sustained period. I personally object when it appears here on this Forum. It is inappropriate here in my personal view.There are dozens of Political Forums online. This Forum is about Theosophy. I don't recall what you said or if it echoed what Cass made comments on back then. Things are picked up by others who seem to have little care for the t
ruth. it is a form of malicious glee if you will that individuals and people partake of vicariously. 

It would be much better if certain things had never been said here as it is an unfair  abuse in my view to incite here because it places all of us in a conflicted state. To remain silent or to reply. I got tired of silence, because it apparently only encourages further abuse. And it helps make the lies and distortions seem true to the young and gullible.
  I have been here on this Forum since August 1999, I don't use it for political cage rattling. I used to subscribe to certain Yahoo Groups, two Political Rooms, a Buddhist Room, an Extraterrestial Room, and this Theosophical Group Forum. Each had a specific Focus. If you were able to read all the many posts I made you would find an absence of political content made by me in any context.


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Ok, thanks now I have a perception of what you meant. It seems you thought I meant you because I used your thread post to make a reply to another on the Forum who made certain offensive remarks that made me respond in a most rare context, in a way I almost am never seen to characterize. It wasn't addressed to you at all, I was responding to posts that Cass made about America. I apoligize for having caused you any angst.
All is well Sir.

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From: Martin <> 
Check out your last sentence here, projected on me :-)

Re: Theos-World Tesla/Keely 


Find a good psychiatric resource. They weren't projections, it wasn't beamed

energy, it wasn't U. S. Navy bombers with missiles attached, it wasn't

predeployed explosives in the buildings, it wasn't the CIA, it wasn't a UFO, it

wasn't natural phenomena, it wasn't a conspiracy by the American Government, it

wasn't the Jews and the Builderbergers, it wasn't----------

Are you getting the message? Grow up and somehow become a Human being. How

easily you ignore the deaths of so many innocent wonderful productive people.

Shame on you and all your kind forever. You care nothing for the five Children's

Nursery's that were in the Twin Towers and the children who were murdered. You

care nothing for the hundreds of brave self-sacrificing Public Servants,

Firemen, Priests, Engineers,Professionals in all walks of life. And you care

nothing for the passengers on the airplanes that were hijacked, The baby's,

children, husbands, wives, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles and

cousins who all had their lives, their futures, their hopes and dreams, their

loves and all they cherish torn away without consent or agreement by the most

immoral degenerate foul pestilence on this earth. Over 500 Firemen died there

and they will forever be remembered by any good American and the larger part of

the rest of the world. Even in our enemies countries people wept w

hile you jumped in joy and grinned your evil smile how proud you must feel. 

Cantor Corp. in one of the two Towers lost 770 people who were all personal

friends and deeply loved by the Founder who hired all of them and cherished each

and every one of them.

It took years and billions of dollars to search and find the scattered torn

fragments of all the lost beloved people who perished in the Twin Towers.

Soulless and without merit is the cast you have found yourself in what hope do

you have?


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Subject: Re: Theos-World The Peopling of the Earth: Anthropogenic Stanzas of Dzyan
Date: Monday, October 27, 2008, 10:36 AM


>>>They could only create, or rather clothe, the human Monads with their

own Astral Selves, but they could not make man in their image and

likeness. Their creating the semblance of men out of their own divine

Essence means, esoterically, that it is they who became the first

Race, and thus shared its destiny and further evolution. - II, pp. 94-

95, orig. ed; An Abridgement of The Secret Doctrine, p. 170<<<

In G.R.S. Mead's Gnostic Works there are portions in regards to "Sophia" (Wisdom) the Consort (fem.) of the Absolute (Masc.) who makes decision to "create" without the participation , consent, and agreement of the Father (The Absolute) in Unity. For the first time a creature was given birth without the consent and Unity. When she looked upon it she found it imperfect, mis-shapen, and ugly and she was ashamed of her action. She then Placed the "Abortion of Sophia" which had the head of a lion and body of a serpent in a cloud and removed it to a lower realm called the "The Waters of the Way of the Midst. There the Abortion named Yaldabaoth (Demiurgos) created seven Archons and established their rule. There came a time and one of the Archons exclaimed "Let us make a Man according to the image we saw reflected upon the Way of the Waters of the Midst! So they tried and tried and tried but the body called Adam remained asleep reclined against a Tree. Each
in turned tried it's particul

ar power to make Adam rise but none succeeded. Then by the operation and will of the Absolute the "Breath was breathed into Adam and he arose. The Archons and Yaldabaoth looked upon Adam and were filled with fear and hatred because they saw in Adam what could never be in them and knew Adam Superior to them and was made to rule them. Sophia by her action denied the breath of the Absolute to them. and they took common oaths to destroy Adam and his descendents.

This Gnostic teaching to me has some resemblance to "they could not make man in their image" so I thought to tell you.


I don't recall ever mentioning Eric von Daniken

I don't recall Morten menttioning him either

I don't remember Anton ever posting his name.

I don't recall Adelaise typing it either.

I don't have any recall on Chuck saying Eric Von Daniken.

I can't recover seeing Martin mention Von Daniken.

I have no memory of Cass posting on Von Daniken

In fact your the only one who mentioned Eric Von Daniken!

If none of us were followers of Eric Von Daniken which seems to be the case as none of any of us ever mentioned his name, then it follows that you must be the only "Follower" of Eric Von Daniken on this Forum. I never realized that before.

>>>So interesting is this "language of the

gods" that one is almost inclined to take a course in Sanskrit!)<< <

Hmmm, "Language of the Gods" is apriori the Title of one of Judith M. Tybergs Book "Language of the Gods" 1970, East-West Cultural Center. She must have read your thought in reverse time flow. She did just that!

2. "Sanskrit Keys to the Wisdom - Religion", 1940 by Judith M. Tyberg, 163 pages



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From: "danielhcaldwell" <danielhcaldwell@> 

Geoffrey A. Barborka is known for his lucid and profound expositions

on The Secret Doctrine philosophy, and this latest work of his will

be a valuable addition to the library of every Theosophical student.

The Peopling of the Earth: A Commentary on Archaic Records in The

Secret Doctrine, by Geoffrey A. Barborka. The Theosophical Publishing

House, Wheaton, Illinois, 1975, 233 pages, index, Cloth.

It is a remarkable book, a commentary on the Anthropogenic Stanzas of

Dzyan (Numbers I through IV), throwing vivid light upon many obscure

and cryptic passages in the Stanzas and Commentaries.

Especially impressive are the chapters on "The Lunar Pitris" and "The

Lords of the Flame," those "Beings" known in The Secret Doctrine

under a multitude of names, many of which are Sanskrit. (As in

previous works, Mr. Barborka carefully explains all Sanskrit and

technical Theosophical terms. So interesting is this "language of the

gods" that one is almost inclined to take a course in Sanskrit!)

Who are these strange entities who played such an important role in

Man's evolution? The following excerpts from The Secret Doctrine give

some insight into this mysterious subject:

Concerning the Lunar Pitris:

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ----

They could only create, or rather clothe, the human Monads with their

own Astral Selves, but they could not make man in their image and

likeness. Their creating the semblance of men out of their own divine

Essence means, esoterically, that it is they who became the first

Race, and thus shared its destiny and further evolution. - II, pp. 94-

95, orig. ed; An Abridgement of The Secret Doctrine, p. 170

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ----

On the Solar Pitris, the Lords of the Flame:

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ----

These are ... those 'Flames' (the Agnishwatta) who, as shown in Sloka

13, 'remain behind' instead of going along with the others (the Lunar

Pitris) to create men on Earth. But the true esoteric meaning is that

most of them (Lords of the Flame) were destined to incarnate as the

Egos of the forthcoming crop of mankind. - II, 79; Abridgment, 166

The Fall was the result of man's knowledge, for his 'eyes were

opened.' Indeed, he was taught Wisdom and the hidden knowledge by

the 'Fallen Angel', for the latter had become from that day his

Manas, Mind and Self-Consciousness. .. Satan, or the Red Fiery Dragon,

the 'Lord of Phosphorous' ... and Lucifer or 'Light-Bearer, ' is in

us: it is our Mind - our tempter and Redeemer, our intelligent

liberator and Savior from pure animalism. Without this principle -

the emanation of the very essence of the pure divine principle Mahat

(Intelligence) , which radiates direct from the Divine mind - we would

be surely no better than animals. - II, 513

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ----

Mr. Barborka also dispels several misconceptions which have crept

into the original teachings and have been prevalent in some

Theosophical circles for years. Concerning one of these he says:

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ----

Whence came the Lords of the Flame? A question which has been raised

concerning the coming of the Lords of the Flame to the Earth from

Venus. In all probability this assumption was

formulated because of a statement made in a Commentary from the Book

of Dzyan that each one of the Seven Root-Races comes under the

regency of one of the Seven Sacred Planets. The Dhyani of Venus is

the Regent of the Third Root-Race, and it was during the fifth sub-

race of the Third Root-Race that the enlightenment of humanity was

brought about by the Lords of the Flame ... They are said to have

come down into the present sphere because of having descended from a

superior sphere of the Earth planetary system. - pp. 170-71

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ----

It is hoped that some of Erich Von Daniken's readers and followers

will read Peopling of the Earth. Admittedly, Von Daniken's Chariots

of the Gods contains a few gems of truth concerning man's origin and

evolution on this planet, but Chariots embodies an extremely naive,

garbled, and materialistic interpretation of the ancient myths and

legends concerning man's origin and relationship to the "gods". The

Secret Doctrine and The Peopling of the Earth are on a totally

superior plane.

Special attention should be given to the last chapter which deals

with "The Chronology of the Peopling of the Earth." Specific figures

for the time-periods of the Rounds, Races and Sub-Races are given.

This chronology is based upon an unfinished article written by H.P.B.

but not published during her life, entitled "On Cosmic Cycles,

Manvantaras and Rounds", which will appear in Vol. XIII of her

Collected Writings. The interested student might compare this

chronology with the "Dzyan Chronology" discovered and worked out by

Victor A. Endersby, another deep student of H.P.B.'s teachings. (See

June 1974 issue of Theosophical Notes, P.O. Box 427, Napa, California

94558. See also Jean Raymond's article "The Evolutionary Cycles and

Their Chronology" in the book H.P. Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine

edited by Virginia Hanson; and also Elizabeth W. Preston's The Earth

and Its Cycles and The Story of Creation and of Man.)

We hope Mr. Barborka will write another book embodying a commentary

on the remaining Stanzas (Nos. V through XII). In the meantime The

Peopling of the Earth will help many sincere and earnest students of

Theosophy digest and make fuller use of H.P. Blavatsky's magnum opus.

- Daniel H. Caldwell

[Reprinted from THE ECLECTIC THEOSOPHIST, No. 34, May 15, 1976, pp. 6-


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