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Re: Theos-World Ancient Indian with an iPod???

Oct 26, 2008 08:41 PM
by Augoeides-222

    The little buddha gallery was a very fine photographic sory book, thanks. BTW, I just happen to have the Google Earth Coordinates for Bamiyan Afganistan:

34 49 54.83 N
67 49 35.11 E

Enjoy, regards,

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From: Raquel Rodríguez <> 
Thank you John

That was a really nice trip and valuable recommendations all again. I have just created an special library from your titles, I hope I have more time in my live that I now have, to reach you is going to be a unrelenting work.
Thinking of humans carving the earth, I have just remembered a very sweet although harsh movie, about a little girl who lives under what is was, a great statue of Buddha in Afghanistan, in a cave and her tribulations to go to school, called: 
Buddha collapsed out of shame.
You can have a look at the page
A trailer can be seen at
Sorry, subtitles are hebrew and french, I could not find the english version has been retired.

Best Regars


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Asunto: Re: Theos-World Ancient Indian with an iPod???
Fecha: martes, 21 octubre, 2008 2:41

Google Earth is such a fine rewarding resource in this arena of land
character, intentional man made Glyphs, Figures, Inscriptions, Geometric
Designs. Also one may locate and place mark all the old Egyptian Temples,
Ancient Petra in Jordan home of the ancient Nabateans and many other renowned
places of history. The Tomb of Daniel in Iran. All down the west side of South
America in Chile one can view more than a thousand Petroglyph's in many
locations most are marked by the Google Earth Community Members, look for the
small blue lower case "i" and place your mouse on it to see what is
marked by it. In Egypt some one created a very large Galaxy with spiral arms in
the sand, it is a detective novel to find out who did it! lol! On Greenland
there is a visible something that I call "The Real Noah's Ark" it
is 51 miles long and amber colored!

Petra Main Gate - Google Earth

30 19 25.36 N, 35 28 03.37 E

Original Noah's Ark

70 05 15.11N, 41 29 22.46 W

Kalasaya Temple Tiahuanaco Bolivia (Dates from 15, 450 BC) Posnanky-
"Tiahuanaco - Cradle of American Man", Vol. II Page 100 follow to the
4th page of Illustrations to plate showing the academic formula and date chart

16 33 17.48 S, 68 40 27.02 W


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From: Raquel Rodríguez <> 
Could perfectly be

Myself I was carving a mermaid in the sand of a Portuguese beach this last
summer. I could not finished it because I got burnt and next day the sea had
carried it completely away. If I was bigger and more powerful I would use bigger
and more powerful media.
We should carve the planet more often, earth among ones hands has so much to


--- El lun, 20/10/08, Leon Maurer <> escribió:

De: Leon Maurer <>
Asunto: Theos-World Ancient Indian with an iPod???
Fecha: lunes, 20 octubre, 2008 3:36

Could Ancient Indian head be carved in Canadian desert by Space 

To see Satellite image...

If you have Google Earth, Fly to:

50° 0'38.20"N 110° 6'48.32"W =

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