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Anand, What do you think about Masters at Adyar?????

Oct 23, 2008 12:47 PM
by danielhcaldwell


In your recent reply, you do NOT actually respond to what I wrote 
about C.W. Leadbeater's testimony in which he says he encountered the 
Master K.H. and also Djwal Kul at Adyar in the mid-1880s.

Therefore I repeat below the gist of what I said in my  posting 

First consider Leadbeater's account:

...When Colonel Olcott left us [in 1885] on his tour Adyar
[headquarters of the Theosophical Society near Madras, India]
remained empty....

One day, however, when the Master Kuthumi honoured me with a visit,
He asked me whether I had ever attempted a certain kind of meditation
connected with the development of the mysterious power called
kundalini....He recommended me to make a few efforts along certain

Naturally I took the hint, and worked away steadily, and I think I
may say intensely, at that particular kind of meditation day after

....It will be understood that I lived there in the octagonal room by
the river-side alone for many long hours every day, and practically
secure from any interruption except at the meal-times which I have
mentioned. Several Masters were so gracious as to visit me during
that period and to offer me various hints; but it was the Master
Djwal Kul who gave most of the necessary instruction....
Excerpted from "How Theosophy Came to Me by C.W. Leadbeater".

Now if the reader will remember in the last week I've quoted probably
more than a dozen accounts of OTHER individuals meeting the Masters:
Olcott, Damodar, Brown, Pillai, Ramaswamier, and others. And yet for
reasons best known to Anand, he wrote the following:

?I think it was possible for HPB to create a form of the Master, show
that form to people, and MAKING THEM FEEL that Master had visited
them or met them. This I am giving you as one possibility behind
seeing Master physically or astrally.

Just as Blavatsky could materialize letters, perhaps she could also
create a form of the Master, GIVING THE IMPRESSION to concerned
individuals that Master visited them and gave letter.

?I think, TRUE RESEARCHERS?will consider seriously [this possibility]
before concluding that REAL Master visited those individuals....

caps added.

So let us consider Anand's explanation:  HPB was simply up to 
her "devious" ways -- fooling Mr. Leadbeater, MAKING HIM FEEL that 
the Master KH had visited him. She simply created the form of the 
Master --- and gave Mr. Leadbeater THE IMPRESSION that the Master had 
visited him.

Remember that in the Lahore incident that I previouly cited the
Master KH came three times to see Colonel Olcott but that testimony 
didn't stop Anand from bringing up this  possibility and 
encouraging "true researchers" to consider this possibility of HPB 
creating the whole thing using her psychic powers.

So if the 1883 Lahore incident of meeting the Masters was "created" 
by HPB long distance, why not say that HPB also created the 
appearances of the Masters to Leadbeater at Adyar????


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