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Re: Theos-World Fanaticism among the students of Blavatsky admitted by her devotee

Oct 25, 2008 02:58 AM
by Anand

> Just now I read message on one yahoo group completely dedicated to
> Blavatsky. It is written by Carl Millar from ULT. Here is what he says. 
> "many years ago, I visited the ULT in Los Angeles several times, and I
> felt very very uncomfortable, because there was such divisiveness 
> and animosity in the group. I really never understood the conflict,
> because I just stopped attending, but there was such acrimony. During
> the study, people would make absolutely vicious remarks without even
> looking at the person they were directed toward." 

It is very strange because the first object of the TS was to create
nucleus of Universal Brotherhood. Fact is there is no brotherhood even
among the followers of Blavatsky. There is universal enmity as can be
seen from Carl's message and that of many other students of Theosophy. 

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