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Re: Theos-World Anand: "Scientists have little information about Mars."

Oct 25, 2008 01:27 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:
I think there are no other Clairvoyants but W. C. Leadbeater who claimed that there was life on Mars in the manner he did it.  And If you have heard of similar claims, please let me and other members of this forum know about them.

And we know, that all claims need to be verified by other clairvoyant Seekers and initiated.
So far we have not had any other claim to the supposed "fact" of life on Mars being almost the same as the one on Earth.

I am not myself able to verify Leadbeaters's claims.
Are anyone at this forum able to verify Leadbeater's claims about life on Mars?
Are Anand able to verify Leadbeater's claims about Life on Mars or just parts of them?

Please try to understand, that: The visdom teachings on theosophy seek to develop KNOWLEDGE in the Seekers and NOT MERE BELIEFS in Maya and illusions.

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: Theos-World Anand: "Scientists have little information about Mars."

  In my last posting to Theos-Talk, I asked Anand a series of 
  questions. I first repeat the relevant part of my questions and then 
  give the relevant part of Anand's reply. To that I give additional 

  I wrote:

  Anand, do you believe that on Mars there are (to quote
  Leadbeater) "forests and cultivated fields, and vegetation of all

  Anand, do you yourself accept Leadbeater's statement that there are
  Martians on Mars and "in physical appearance the Martians are not
  unlike ourselves, except that they are considerably smaller"?

  Do you really believe that some of these Martians "are blondes and
  brunettes, some of the people having a faintly yellowish skin and
  black hair, while the majority have yellow hair and blue or violet
  eyes - somewhat Norwegian in appearance"?

  Are you telling me that you believe that the Martians "are very fond
  of flowers, of which there is a great variety, and their towns are
  built on the general plan of the garden-city, the houses usually
  being one-storeyed only, but built round inner courtyards and
  straggling over a great deal of ground...."?

  Anand, are you telling us that this description of Mars by Leadbeater
  is true, accurate, factual, reliable and ..... REAL????

  And Anand in his reply writes:

  Scientists have little information about Mars. Leadbeater says that
  there is only a strip of 100 miles which has inhabitants. That being
  tiny part of Mars, it is quite possible that scientists have not yet
  reached that area in their investigation.

  I assume from Anand's reply that he indeed believes that Leadbeater's 
  description is true, accurate, factual, reliable and real.

  Furthermore, it would appear that Anand is saying that what 
  Leadbeater writes about the Martians basically applies only to "a 
  strip of 100 miles" on Mars.

  I ask other interested readers to compare Leadbeater's clairvoyant 
  description of Mars with what science has learned about Mars. 

  The Wikipedia article on Mars is a good place to start but of course 
  there are many new books and articles based on the latest findings 
  concerning Mars.

  In this instance I prefer the scientific understanding of Mars and 
  regard Leadbeater's version as unreliable and wrong and a good 
  example of what the 1900 KH letter describes as a "misleading mayavic 

  But other readers will have to decide the issue for themselves.



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