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Re: Theos-World TS - Political Situation in India

Oct 24, 2008 03:15 PM
by MKR

One more thing. Rukmini Arundale, was responsible for the revival of Indian
Dance and is an essential training for almost all girls in the families and
the dance tradition has its tentacles everywhere. Also Krishnamurti is held
in very high respect and while he declared the Truth is a Pathless Land, and
had no official connection with TS, the Indian public still identify him
with TS. Many of his followers and alumni of his schools are everywhere and
the synergistic effect of all this is immense. Any trick to seize control of
the TS in India, (with all the memory of English Colonialism) will raise the
ire of the masses and politicians and one cannot predict the outcome. So for
some in the West, all this come as a surprise.


On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 4:55 PM, <> wrote:

>   Jayananda,
> Thanks for your comments. When I was first interested in Theosophy one book
> that impressed me that I happened upon was "A Short History of The
> Theosophical Society, 1875 - 1937" 591 Pages, compiled by Josephine Ransom.
> Preface by G. S. Arundale. In this book Miss Ransom describes the many
> schools, orphanages, clinics and other outreach actions the Society
> originated in India proper. The Theosophical Humanitarian works she
> described laid a good impression in my mind that feed and grew my personal
> interest in Theosophical Society. These things seldom have been mentioned on
> this forum much less spoken in any detailed way that would inspire newcomers
> In terms of current threads here, on page 152-153 she lists the complete
> Executive Officers and Council for 1880 with 9 Vice-Presidents under Henry
> Steel Olcutt. Madame Blavatsky as Corresponding Secretary had 7 named
> Assistants.
> This books was a joy to read and it is packed beginniing to end with so
> much useful information.
> Regards,
> John
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> From: Jayananda Hiranandani <<>>
> I wish to supplement on the role of the TS members in India's modern
> history.
> Besides Dr. Besant, Dr. Arundale and Mr. B. P.Wadia were also interned for
> political struggle for India's Independence. Mr. Rohit Mehta was another
> person who was jailed.
> Mr. Venkataraman, a T. S. member,was the President of India.
> Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru's father, Mr. Motilal Nehru was a member of the T.S.
> Mr. Shriman Narayan, brother of the former T.S. Vice President, Mr.
> Surendra Narayan was a prominent leader.
> Mr. Ernest Wood wrote a book as a rebuttal to a highly negative book on
> India by Ms. Kathleen Mayo.
> Besides political work, T. S. members did a lot of social and educational
> work. Col. Olcott, the President Founder started a school for the Harijans.
> Dr. and Mrs.. Arundale were other notables. Dr. Richardson was the first
> Principal of Central Hindu College. In the Indian headquarters campus at
> Varanansi there is a house named after him.
> If my memory is correct, Mr. Sri Ram did some journalistic work under Dr.
> Besant.
> The list is a long one. But this should suffice. I believe that others can
> expand on it.
> Jayananda H. Hiranandani
> From: MKR < <>>
> Subject: Theos-World TS - Political Situation in India
> To: <>
> Date: Sunday, October 19, 2008, 5:03 PM
> Very few outside India know how deeply many theosophists were involved in
> the Indian Independence movement and of course everyone knows Annie
> Besant's
> political activities for which she was elected the President of Indian
> National Congress. While we may not see it, even today TS enjoys support
> from a lot of politicians past and present.
> Years ago, Indian Govt passed a law requiring all Indian corporations to
> have 51% local control. IBM's Indian subsidiary was 100% owned by IBM USA
> and Indian Govt did not budge and IBM chose to close down the business in
> India. If the GC goes on meddling with the Rules and a handful of members
> try to seize control of TS, we should not be surprised at a legal
> challenge.
> Furthermore, considering the importance of Adyar, and TS as a tax-exempt
> religious charitable organization, it would not surprise me if the Govt
> passes a law imposing majority Indian control of all tax exempt charitable
> organizations, which would include TS. This would be a permanent slam dunk
> to end all machinations.
> mkr
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