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Re: Theos-World TS - Internet help for greater Transparency

Oct 24, 2008 08:11 AM
by Drpsionic

Oh, how very true.  I gave a lecture to a group at a convention in New  
Jersey three weeks ago by webcam.  They put my image up on a six-foot  screen and 
had another webcam aimed at the audience so I could see them on my  monitor 
while I spoke.
Of course what really amazed me was that my image on a six-foot screen did  
not send people running from the room screaming in horror!
Chuck the Heretic
In a message dated 10/24/2008 7:34:59 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Webcasting is going to all places where audience at remote locations do  not
have to or could not travel for one reason or another as well as  the
synchronization issue. So you can watch live or at a later time  convenient
to you, your favorite event: a lecture, a performance, a ritual,  a
celebration, a meeting, etc. It is becoming very easy both physically  and

The latest application is in the funeral industry.  Your friend dies in
another part of the world and you could be there for  the event, you can
watch on the Internet. Here is what the service provider  says:

"World Wide Memorials can be setup in virtually any location with  a wired or
WiFi broadband connection in just about five minutes. Family and  friends are
invited by email and simply click on the link and through a  high speed
connection to their PC, view the service. The system comes  packaged in a
carrying case making it completely portable, allowing both  the memorial
service and interment to be broadcast.

In other words  everything you need to make your live web cast with high
quality video and  sound comes in the bag. IT'S REALLY THAT EASY !"

Let me add. Once  something is broadcast live, then it can be recorded and
stored for later  viewing. I believe the above system allows the event to be
watched upto 60  days later.

When you tie this to the transparency issue, it is now very  easy to let
members know what is being transacted. All business meetings at  National and
International level can be live broadcast. This includes GC  meetings. We
need to start thinking with an open mind. It is not enough to  talk about
open mind and how it is necessary to develop spiritual  perception etc. TS is
not a secret body such as Masonry and hence, since we  all believe and try to
live truthfully and honestly, no one should be  afraid of sunshine. Actually
sunshine is good because it will prevent  backroom actions, however
well-intentioned, can be detrimental to the TS,  theosophy and the interests
of the ordinary members.

As a trial, one  or two sections in the West can implement it. For example
American Section  has all the necessary equipment for live webcast. Only it
may make the  elected officials very nervous and uncomfortable because they
are used to  doing the business behind closed doors and change such as this
is always  approached with fear.

A pilot program such as the above will allow the  kinks to be worked out. We
can even get free advise from local public  agencies because some of them air
their proceedings in the local  TV.

Humbly submitted for everyone's consideration.

Note:  You welcome to disseminate and distribute this message to others, in
whole  or in part in any manner you deem fit.


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