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Could Leadbeater VERIFY Master's visit was REAL???????

Oct 24, 2008 00:18 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

It is true that at the time of Master's visit Leadbeater was not
clairvoyant. But later he became clairvoyant, and could verify whether
that was real Master's visit. That is why many years later when Mr.
Leadbeater wrote book, he could confidently tell it was Master.

Anand you say that LATER Leadbeater became clairvoyant and could then 
VERIFY (confirm) that the Master's visit was REAL.

You also write that in his book Leadbeater could CONFIDENTLY tell it 
was the real Master and not simply a "form" created by HPB.

But could Leadbeater VERIFY Master's visit was REAL??????? 

I ask you and other readers to look at and consider what 
Leadbeater CONFIDENTLY tells us was REAL, TRUE and FACTUAL about the 
planet Mars and what is to be found on that planet in our solar 

I give only brief excerpts from Mr. Leadbeater's description:

In physical appearance the Martians are not unlike ourselves, except
that they are considerably smaller. The tallest men are not above
five feet in height and the majority are two or three inches 
shorter....The whole civilised population of Mars is one race, and 
there is practically no difference in features or complexion, except 
that, just as among ourselves, there are blondes and brunettes, some 
of the people having a faintly yellowish skin and black hair, while 
the majority have yellow hair and blue or violet eyes - somewhat 
Norwegian in appearance....

They are very fond of flowers, of which there is a great variety, and
their towns are built on the general plan of the garden-city, the
houses usually being one-storeyed only, but built round inner
courtyards and straggling over a great deal of ground....

I ask you Anand:   Do you believe that this clairvoyant description 
by Leadbeater is RELIABLE, is FACTUAL?  IS IT REAL????

And in providing this description of Mars, Leadbeater assures his 
readers that "the information which I have given above is based upon 
OBSERVATION and INQUIRY during various VISITS to the planet...." caps 

Leadbeater even gives us a tidbit of information about a "secret 
society" on Mars and mentions something related to HIS Masters:

At the present time this secret society [on Mars] is very widely
spread, and at the head of it at this moment is a pupil of ONE OF OUR
MASTERS. Even now after all these centuries its existence is not
officially known to the authorities [on Mars]...

Leadbeater brings his Theosophical Masters into the Mars story and 
says that the head of this secret Martian society is a chela of one 
of "our Masters".

Anand, do you believe in the REAL existence of this Martian pupil?

Do you believe what Leadbeater tells us about Mars and its supposed 
inhabitants and especially about the head of this secret Martian 
society who Leadbeater claims is a pupil of one of the Masters 
(possibly Koot Hoomi!!!)??? .

Are you telling us that this description of Mars is true, accurate, 
factual, reliable and .....  REAL????

If Leadbeater is "basically wrong" [as Pedro O. even admitted once on 
Theos-Talk] in his observations about the inhabitants of Mars 
[meaning that there are no such inhabitants on Mars!!!] then surely 
this Martian "pupil" of the Masters is simply another FIGMENT telling 
us something very important about Leadbeater's clairvoyant abilities.

So I ask you Anand:  does this Mars material make you CONFIDENT that 
Leadbeater actually could VERIFY that the Master's visits to Adyar 
were REAL????

If Leadbeater could be "fooled" by his own clairvoyance into 
believing that the Martian pupil of the Masters was REAL, that there 
were REAL Martians, what does that tell you and "true researchers" 
about Leadbeater's ability/inability to determine whether the 
Master's visits were REAL or just Blavatsky fooling him with 
a "thought-form" disguised as a Master????

Could Leadbeater VERIFY Master's visit was REAL --- as you are 

The Mars material shows us that Leadbeater could NOT even VERIFY that 
his own "visits" to Mars were actually UNREAL.


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