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TS - Are the GC Members Getting It?

Oct 23, 2008 02:56 PM
by MKR

I am pained to see the GC members don't yet get it as far as the current TS
situation is concerned as we have not heard any positive stands on the
issues from any of them.

Firstly it looks like they do not seem to realize the point of view of
ordinary members as to the events that went on since the start of the
election. Firstly, they do not yet recognize the value and usefulness of
(unmoderated) Internet forums such as this (not owned or controlled by any
organization) as a useful tool to distribute information instantaneously,
world-wide and inexpensively. This and other free unmoderated maillists have
over ther years built up credibility with the members.  It is a pity that GC
members cannot come out the cocoon of their world into ordinary members'
world. Part of it can be explained by the generation gap; most younger
generation grew up with computers and so they can visualize the far reaching
tentacles of Internet in the social and political and governmental

As I have pointed out in past messages, the TS world today would be a
totally different one (with a clique in control) but for Internet and the
maillists such as this. Timely and reliable factual information during the
election and its aftermath and the current ultra secret effort to
disenfranchise the membership and other behind the scenes activities reached
members not through official channels, but thru maillists, such as this.
(Even workers and volunteers who live and work at Olcott and Adyar have to
get important news and facts from Internet!!!)  No one has taken the time to
step back and meditate and ponder over why the situation is what it is.
The current level of members' confidence and trust in the leadership is
lowest I have seen in the last 50 years. Until some of these issues are
openly addressed (not behind the closed door meetings of GC or behind the
scenes Internet exchange of messages) and take members into confidence, the
situation cannot improve, in my humble opinion.

In spite of the availabilty of this and other unmoderated free maillists for
over a decade, only two GC members have ever participated here and
unfortunately one died in a swimming accident some years ago. All the GC
members lecture about Internet and use them for communication between
themselves and so one wonders why they are avoiding this and other
unmoderated lists. Such a free missed opportunity!!!

Let us all hope and "pray" for better days.




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