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Re:Leon please clarify asap!

Oct 23, 2008 01:23 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Tue Oct 21, 2008 4:24 pm ((PDT)) "Chris King" dhushara wrote:
> Leon,
> Can you please clarify all these mythological constructions asap.
> This kind of discussion is undermining my confidence in keeping the
> list going. I see this kind of "reasoning" as fantastic confabulation
> with no basis in fact or experience on any level subjective or
> objective.
>> In the ABC *holographic* model, all coenergetic fields, on any level
>> of Total Space, fractally involve and apparently "compact"
>> analogously and correspondingly to every other field on every other
>> level.
> What on earth do you mean by 'fractally involve and apparently
> "compact" '?
> Why the double quotes?  Do they compact or not and if so how? How are
> you certain they fractally involve if they only apparently "compact"?
> What is the precise mathematical model?

The model is the fractal involve topological geometry of all radiant  
fields and their harmonics that originate out of the fundamental spin  
momentum of any "singularity"  -- whose electrodynamics are based on  
the same Maxwell equations used in general relativity theory --  
coupled with the Kaluza-Klein manifold geometry used in String theory.

This model, besides being consistent with relativity theory, is also  
consistent with the Lie E8 algebra used by Lisi in his "theory of  
everything" to explain the symmetry of all the fundamental quantum  
particles.  It also parallels the work of Hu and Wu Re: Spin-Mediated  
Consciousness...  And, is in agreement with the spherical standing  
wave theory of Milo Wolff.

The "apparently 'compact'" is in reference to Ruquist's (yanniru's)  
26 dimension cosmological theory that claims some fields  
"compactify"...  Which I assume to mean, becomes more dense and  
compact, such as those ZPE fields in the Planck vacuum.

In my fractal field theory of cosmogenesis, the fields become smaller  
and smaller or more compact as they fractally involve simultaneously  
(harmonically) as the highest frequency/energy order field initially  
emanates and radiates into its first triune fractal spherical state  
-- which ultimately is in the form of hyperspherical-toroids  
(externally spherical, but internally toroidal) in the same total  
space -- like bubbles within bubbles within bubbles, etc. ... With  
only the lowest frequency energy order (densest and slowest)  
appearing in metric physical/material space-time (the 4th lowest  
frequency-energy phase order in the ABC fractal field model. See:
(Note:  this illustration will be removed by AOL on Oct 31... If  
desired for reference, it should be downloaded before then)

>> Thus, each particle on the "physical" plane of cosmogenesis
>> has its own spiritual, mental, astral and physical field aspects.
> What is 'the "physical" plane of cosmogenesis'?

You'll have to examine the illustrations at: 
topic.asp/23/13 to visualize that 4th lowest phase order of total space.
> Again why is it in double quotes? Is it physical or not?

Yes, it is physical -- since, according to this model there are four  
descending worlds of decreasing frequency-energy phase orders -- the  
lowest of which (at the third fractal involution) is our physical  
spacetime at the metric electromagnetic spectrum limited by the speed  
of sidereal light "c"...  The analogous "light" spectrum on the three  
higher order harmonic levels would have correspondingly higher  
limiting velocities -- starting with c^2 on the "astral" level, up to  
C^6 on the highest or "spiritual" phase. This is because the Maxwell- 
Faraday-Coulomb-Ampere electrodynamics hold (although with different  
constants) through all phase orders of radiant energy fields -- which  
are, thereby, "coenergetic" or resonant with each other.
>> Thereby, all structural information of the entire universe, or any
>> particular or compound form, is contained at every zero-point
>> singularity field center that is analogous with and corresponds to
>> the cosmic primal field center.
> Will you PLEASE produce a model of this that has a miniscule amount
> of rigour and some capacity for validation>

The model is purely geometric and electrodynamic in nature --  
following strict laws of fractal mathematics and electricity.  Like  
string theory, and quantum field theories -- which postulate the same  
multidimensional fields in hyperspace and metric space -- there are  
no validations other than their rigorous fractal geometry's and  
universal electrodynamic laws -- rooted in the fundamental cyclic  
spin momentum of every zero-point singularity throughout total space- 
>> This correspondence applies to all
>> forms of invisible and visible matter/energy on the analogous lower
>> order Astral and Physical levels.
> How can we debate lower order astral levels and how can physical and
> astral have the same conditions applied if they are metaphyscially
> distinct?

You can either go into a yogic meditative trance and examine all the  
individual fields within your own body in exquisite detail (as I and  
many others have done) ... Or, you can use your imagination (which  
Einstein said was "more important than knowledge") and grasp the  
inherent geometric and electrodynamic reasonableness of the harmonic,  
fractal involved model of ALL radiant fields -- be they overall  
electro-gravitational or measurably electromagnetic on the physical  
plane of ponderable matter.  The electrodynamic nature of all fields  
and their fractal involved harmonics, everywhere and every-when, is  
analogous and corresponding.

These involved fields are on different levels of hyperspace, and in  
that sense metaphysically distinct, but they all are governed by the  
same basic laws of cyclic motion inherent in fundamental spin  
momentum at their origins.  Since the zero-points of absolute or  
primal space is everywhere (coadunate or "entangled") in total metric  
space -- the entire cosmos, and all the fields and forms in it, is  
ONE THING in itself.

>> Incidentally, none of that is in any way "supernatural" with respect
>> to the morphogenetic nature of all higher order astral fields that
>> directly interface (at their adjacent poles) and are
>> "coenergetic" (phase conjugate adaptive resonant) at their coadunate
>> circumferences, with the lower order Physical level fields.
> Please precisely set out a model that justifies any of these bizarre
> conclusions.

Check the web site above.  Study its diagrams and the outline of the  
basic theory, as well as my explanations here -- and use your  
imagination.  The precision is in the geometry and electrodynamic  
laws governing all fields and their harmonics at all frequency/energy  
phase order (spectrum) levels from near infinite to near zero.
>> This universal coenergetic field interaction process could easily  
>> explain
>> the scientific basis of Sheldrake's morphic field theory of  
>> evolution.
>> Therefore, If your cosmology does not consider those holographic and
>> electrodynamic conditions, that are analogous and corresponding on
>> all levels of total space (including physical hyperspace and metric
>> space) it does not "resonate" with my ABC model.
> Models either correspond to experiment or they don't.  Models don't
> 'resonate' with one another. Only oscillating systems , when
> their frequencies closely match.

Naturally. All the fractally involved "coenergetic" fields in my  
model transfer the modulated information between each other by phase  
conjugate adaptive resonance.

In my discussion quoted above (taken out of context) -- I used the  
term "resonate" in its figurative sense... Since both cosmology  
theories referred to, in order to "resonate" with each other, would  
have to be based on the same cosmogenetic model of fundamental space  
and all its fractal involved fields, down to the most "compact" or  
densest ZPE field in Planck space (that generates each particle-wave  
form) -- with the same laws of electrodynamics consistently  
functioning the same way, everywhere.

Best Wishes,
Leon Maurer

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