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Anand, What do you think about 3 KH Letters to Leadbeater????

Oct 23, 2008 10:34 AM
by danielhcaldwell


In your most recent reply which is at:

you do NOT actually deal with the material concerning Leadbeater 
which I gave in some detail at:

"An Appeal to the "true researcher" in Anand: CONCLUSION"

Therefore I repeat below what I said in my last posting CONCERNING 

Anand has made other comments about certain Mahatma letters in 
previous months and years on Theos-Talk

In one posting, Anand wrote:

Leadbeater's Master (K.H.) wrote in June 1886 to him " I am pleased
with you"

And in another posting Anand told readers:

Master K.H. wrote to Mr. Leadbeater "I am pleased with you" All three
letters from Master K.H. to Mr. Leadbeter can be read at

First a little background. The KH 1886 note is to be found on a
letter written by HPB and sent from Europe to Mr. Leadbeater in

The KH quote is part of a brief annotation added to HPB's letter.

Why does Anand say in these two postings that "Leadbeater's Master
(K.H.) wrote..." and "Master K.H. wrote..."???

In light of what Anand writes about the Mahatma letters, isn't it 
possible that in fact HPB simply wrote the KH note? The note wasn't 
written by KH, wasn't from KH. But instead --- as Anand contends in 
other instances ---- the note is simply "carrying thoughts of 
Blavatsky PRETENDING to be thoughts of Masters."

And in regards to the other 2 KH letters to C.W. Leadbeater which
Anand refers to --- which were received in England, one of them
materialized in the palm of HPB and the other one received thru the
mail in England --- in light of what Anand is contending, isn't it 
also possible that these 2 letters aren't from a Master K.H.? 

Certainly if we accept Anand's way of thinking then the 3 letters are 
just "plain forgeries" (AN OFFENSE!!!) simply "carrying
thoughts of Blavatsky PRETENDING to be thoughts of Masters."

Or as Anand also phrases it: "In reality authenticity of those
[Mahatma] letters through Blavatsky is QUESTIONABLE...."

In light of the above, the 3 letters from "KH" to C.W. Leadbeater are 
just as dubious and suspect AND QUESTIONABLE as any of the other 
Mahatma letters which we have been discussing.

If HPB was indulging in plain forgeries and PRETENDING to give 
thoughts of Masters, then the KH letters to Leadbeater also belong to 
her devious handiwork and forgeries.

If she could mislead A.P. Sinnett, why not also C.W. Leadbeater?


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