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Re: Theos-World A "perfect world"

Oct 23, 2008 08:45 AM
by adelasie

Hi Nige.,

Good to hear from you too.

Here we have the eternal conundrum. We can perhaps imagine the ideal 
but feel trapped in the "real." It seems to be the biggest problem in 
a materialistic cycle for the erstwhile student of occultism. 

If we take our teachings seriously, we try to apply them to our daily 
lives. When we are faced with a dilemma, when we have to make a 
decision, we can consider the basic principle of life. All life is 
one. We can choose on the side of compassion, forgiveness, peace, 
joy, altruism. This principle does not cease to be a basic principle 
just because humanity has chosen to ingnore it and pursue personal 
selfishness and greed instead. All the more does the still small 
voice cry out, "Do unto others as you would they do unto you."

Humanity is in the process of transition from one cycle to the next. 
What the next will be like depends upon those of us who understand 
this fact and who are willing to imagine a more perfect world. The 
more we imagine a world of sharing, caring, loving cooperation to 
provide the best of life to everyone, the more likely such a 
civilization will evolve. What do we have to lose? What we think, 
what we imagine, will come to pass. Theosophy came to humanity in 
this cycle for the purpose of preparing those who will listen to help 
create a better world. 

Life continues to throw difficult situations at the earnest and 
sincere student. The forces of separation and destruction fight a 
losing battle, but they don't give up. Each one of us is tested all 
the time to make real our highest aspirations. We can make mistakes 
any time, and do. That is how we learn. But we can also be comforted 
in knowing that one success is more powerful than a thousand so-
called failures. It is the trying to do the right thing that provides 
power for Those Who Know, Those Who work tirelessly on inner planes 
to guide and protect us when karmically allowed. Faith and Hope stand 
us in good stead, as we dedicate our efforts to the benefit of all 
and never give up.


On 23 Oct 2008 at 0:49, nhcareyta wrote:

> Re: Theos-World Zeitgeist vs Theosophy vs New World Order
> "Hello All,
> My idea about a perfect world is pretty simple. If everyone behaved
> as though everyone else were his/her self, if we all did to others
> what we would have done to us, a lot of the details would take care
> of themselves. After all, we are each other. That which seems to
> separate us is only an illusion. Nothing is anything except in
> relationship to other things.
> Adelasie"
> Dear Adelaisie
> It's good to hear from you again.
> Your "perfect world" is of course the ideal and yes,
> we are each other, in Reality.
> May I respectfully suggest however that this perspective
> is perhaps relevant for those in a relative state
> of material comfort.
> In our present "reality" there is great disparity and
> disharmony between others, between rich and poor,
> between "haves" and "have nots."
> One of the fundamental laws of nature is survival, which
> initially applies to our physical being.
> Nature, karma and "reality" force those who have not
> food to fight others who have. Not to so do would be to
> commit suicide, that is, to cause or to allow oneself to die.
> This "crime" is heightened were we to thereby commit our
> dependant children to a similar fate through our inaction.
> Whilst this situation may have been caused by past karmic
> deeds or misdeeds, nonetheless it is our current "reality"
> and cannot, nor should it be denied.
> A man fighting for the survival of his children, necessitating
> the destruction of another, is in accord with nature's and
> karma's law.
> Would the combatants wish, which you offer as the ideal,
> to have done to them what they are doing to the other?
> Perhaps not.
> It seems in this situation the "details would (not) take care of
> themselves", at least not in a mutually harmonious manner to
> which the ideal suggests.
> In contrast to its intent, the ideal of "do unto others" from the
> perspective of "That which seems to separate us is only an illusion"
> may not always apply as perfectly or appropriately as we
> might wish in this "reality" at this time?
> What do you think?
> Kind regards
> Nigel


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