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An Appeal to the "true researcher" in Anand, Part 1

Oct 22, 2008 04:31 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Anand wrote:

Some people reported seeing Master while they received Mahatma
Letters. But I think it was possible for HPB to create a form of the
Master, show that form to people, and MAKING THEM FEEL that Master
had visited them or met them. This I am giving you as one possibility
behind seeing Master physically or astrally.

Just as Blavatsky could materialize letters, perhaps she could also
create a form of the Master, GIVING THE IMPRESSION to concerned
individuals that Master visited them and gave letter.

I know some people here will say that I am stretching my imagination
too much. But, I think, TRUE RESEARCHERS of such phenomena won't deny
such possibilities and will consider seriously before concluding that
REAL Master visited those individuals and handed over letters.

caps added.

Now let us consider another case of the Mahatma appearing.

The famous spiritualistic medium William Eglinton gives testimony to 
the appearance of Master Koot Hoomi.

Eglinton had left India and was on a steamship in the Indian Ocean 
when the following happened:

On the 22nd March, 1882, I was at sea, having left Ceylon about 6 
p.m. the same day. I occupied a deck cabin forward under the bridge, 
which one of the officers had kindly placed at my disposal. About ten 
o'clock I was in this cabin undressing preparatory to sleeping on 
deck, my back being to the open door. On turning round to make my 
exit, I found the entrance barred by what I took, at first sight, to 
be a khitmaghur or native butler. Thinking he had come on some 
message, I waited for him to speak, but as he did not do so, and 
deeming his manner insolent from his not having demanded entrance, 
and not paying the deference usual to Europeans, I angrily told him, 
in Hindustani, to go away; whereupon he stepped into the cabin, 
grasped me by the right hand, and gave me the grip of a Master Mason, 
before I had sufficiently recovered from my astonishment. I requested 
him to tell me why he had intruded upon me and to state his business. 
Speaking in perfect English he deliberately informed me he was "Koot 
Hoomi Lal Singh," and I was at the moment so profoundly impressed 
with his general appearance, his knowledge of Freemasonry, and the 
statement that he really was the person, mystic, or Adept of whom I 
had heard so much during my residence in India, that without 
hesitation I accepted him as such. We then entered into conversation 
of some length, of no particular importance to anyone but myself, but 
it proved to me that he was intimately acquainted with both the 
Spiritualistic and Theosophical movements, as well as with friends of 
mine in India. He was in every respect an intelligent man, perfectly 
formed, and in nowise differing, in outward semblance at any rate, 
from the thousands of natives one sees in the East. Nor was it 
hallucination, for I was in full possession of all my faculties; and 
that it was not a subjective vision is proved by the grasp of the 
hand, and the very evident materiality of the figure. Some little 
thing - it may have been a ruse of my visitor - attracted my 
attention from him for a moment, for I was criticising him keenly, 
and when I turned my head again - he was gone! Two steps took me to 
the open door, where I had the advantage of scanning both the fore 
and aft decks, but I could observe no one in the act of retreating, 
although no living being could have in the time escaped from the 
range of my vision. The next day I searched the ship, even going down 
into the shaft-tunnel to find a person in appearance like the man I 
had seen on the previous night, but without obtaining the slightest 
clue to his identity....
Quoted from:

In THE MAHATMA LETTERS, Master KH writes that he indeed did "visit" 
William Eglinton onboard his ship.

But Anand appealing to the "true researcher" believes that one should 
consider the possibility that HPB in Bombay created the form of the 
Master and showed the form to Eglinton who was on a steam ship in the 
Indian Ocean.

In other words, Blavatsky MADE HIM FEEL that the Master had visited 


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