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Compare Anand 's & Leadbeater's Words About Masters

Oct 21, 2008 10:37 PM
by danielhcaldwell

C.W. Leadbeater in his book THE MASTERS AND THE PATH writes:

Other members of the Brotherhood I have seen under varying 
circumstances. My FIRST encounter with one of them was in a hotel in 
Cairo; I was on my way out to India [in 1884] with Madame Blavatsky 
and some others, and we stayed in that city for a time. We all used 
to gather in Madame Blavatsky' s room for work, and I was sitting on 
the floor, cutting out and arranging for her a quantity of newspaper 
articles which she wanted. She sat at a table close by; indeed my 
left arm was actually touching her dress. The door of the room was in 
full sight, and it certainly did not open; but quite suddenly, 
without any preparation, there was a man standing almost between me 
and Madame Blavatsky. Within touch of both of us. It gave me great 
start, and I jumped up in some confusion; Madame Blavatsky was much 
amused and said: "If you do not know enough not to be startled at 
such a trifle as that, you will not get far in this occult work." I 
was introduced to the visitor, who was not then an Adept, but an 
Arhat, which is one grade below that state; He has since become the 
Master Djwal Kul. 

Some months after that the Master Morya came to us one day, looking 
exactly as though in a physical body; He walked through the room 
where I was in order to communicate with Madame Blavatsky, Who was in 
her bedroom inside. That was the FIRST time I had seen him plainly 
and clearly, for I had not then developed my latent senses 
sufficiently to remember what I saw in the subtle body. I saw the 
Master Kuthumi under SIMILAR conditions on the roof of our 
Headquarters at Adyar; He was stepping over a balustrade as though He 
had just materialized from the empty air on the other side of it. I 
have also many times seen the Master Djwal Kul on that roof in the 
same way. 

But did C.W. Leadbeater REALLY see the Masters as reported above?

Anand in a posting to Theos-Talk appeals to "true researchers of such 
phenomena" to consider the possiblity that the "real Masters" did NOT 
actually visit such individuals.  

Here are Anand's own words: 

Some people reported seeing Master while they received Mahatma
Letters. But I think it was possible for HPB to create a form of the
Master, show that form to people, and MAKING THEM FEEL that Master
had visited them or met them. This I am giving you as one possibility
behind seeing Master physically or astrally.

Just as Blavatsky could materialize letters, perhaps she could also
create a form of the Master, GIVING THE IMPRESSION to concerned
individuals that Master visited them and gave letter.

I know some people here will say that I am stretching my imagination
too much. But, I think, TRUE RESEARCHERS of such phenomena won't deny
such possibilities and will consider seriously before concluding that
REAL Master visited those individuals and handed over letters.

caps added.

So in the account by Leadbeater given at the beginning of this 
posting, Leadbeater BELIEVED that the real Djwal Kul, Morya and 
Kuthumi had appeared to him.

But Anand in his appeal to true researchers thinks that "it was 
possible for HPB to create a form of the Master, show that form to 
people, and making them feel that Master had visited them or met 

If this is a viable explanation for the "physical" appearance of the 
Master K.H. to Olcott, Damodar and Brown on the outskirts of Lahore 
in 1883, then it is just as valid in the case of Mr. Leadbeater.

Applying Anand's possibility to Leadbeater, HPB simply created the 
form of a Master, showed that form to Mr. Leadbeater and made 
Leadbeater feel that the Master had visited him.

In other words, HPB "fooled" Leadbeater just like she had "fooled" 
Olcott, Damodar, Brown, Pillai, Ramaswamier and others.

Remember also what Anand has suggested at least twice before:

"According to one Mahatma Letter Blavatsky was ordered to mislead

So Blavatsky could have ALSO mislead Leadbeater about the Masters 
just as Anand is suggesting Olcott, Damodar and others were mislead 
by Blavatsky.

For more on the implications of Anand's "possibility", see my posting 

"Anand's Appeal to True Researchers & HPB Created Masters"


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