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A member's critque of TSA & Dr. Tony Lysy's Firing

Oct 21, 2008 05:20 PM
by MKR

In a recent msg to Erica, Lilia Molina wrote (full msg is at the URL listed
at the end)::

"I am also very upset at the firing of Tony Lysy at Wheaton. He was a good
bridge between various groups and was able to put in a coherent form many of
the TS teachings and to bridge some kind of gap which has always existed at
Wheaton. I hope you continue to bring your ideas to the fore and distribute
them. I do read the postings, but pretty much have given up any
participation in the TS, though I was very active in issues surrounding Far
Horizons, a TS Camp in the Sequoia National Park in CA. I see the American
section of the TS as being antiquated and if it survives, it will be a minor
miracle. Still, the TS is a Scorpio organization (date of founding), and
like the sign of Scorpio, sometimes it rises like the phoenix from the fire
of change. But it takes individuals of good will to make this happen. I
think you are one of those.

Thank you for your efforts."

It is shocking to hear from someone such a critical comment about the what
she feels about TSA. Also it is unfortunate that Dr. Lysy is getting fired.
I met him only once when, years ago, when he visited our Lodge for a lecture

Many, who have attended his lectures, were very complimentary of his
abilities and presentations and at a time when membership is falling, it
would be a good idea not to get rid of knowledgeable and competent staff. It
is not easy to attract and retain knowledgeable theosophists.

You may want to read the full msg and make up your own mind.

Click at link for the full message:



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