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Re: Theos-World the reasoning behind the electoral college

Oct 21, 2008 01:53 PM
by MKR

Thanks Eldon.

It is the timing (soon after election defeat), super secrecy and speed with
which the Quartet wanted to revamp everything is seen as trying pull a fast
one on the members.

I wish if the whole range of problems were thrown open to member and got the
members behind them would have had a good chance of some reform. Today, in
my opinion, many members have lost their trust in the leaders and until that
is rebuilt (which cannot be done overnight), we cannot expect members'
support for any change. This is because of the continuing secrecy and non
transparency of the process of the GC makes one wonder what else is cooking
behind closed doors.


On 10/21/08, Eldon B Tucker <> wrote:
>   Some of the ongoing debate about the T.S. election and proposals
> subsequently circulating made me think of an article I read in
> DISCOVER MAGAZINE many years ago. It discusses the mathematics behind
> and the reasons for the electoral college in the U.S. presidential
> elections. It makes a good case that such a system preserves the
> rights of minority groups much better than a direct national election
> would.
> There are many copies of the article on the internet. One link to it I
> found has some interesting discussion attached. It's worth reading and
> may contribute some ideas to the current discussion.
> -- Eldon

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