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Re: Theos-World In the entire history N. Sri Ram was the only Indian President

Oct 21, 2008 01:42 PM
by MKR

In one of the msgs Pedro, pointed this out.

Also Sri Ram was the first Indian to be elected as TS President. Rukmini
Arundale, who is so well known in India and overseas and Radha, also well
known in India, were both defeated by John Coats. John Coats was Scottish
and is not a academician or scholar was able to do it, just because he is
very widely travelled and thus made connection with a lot of members.
Complaining about Indian members  biased against non-Indian's is simply
childish and to be laughed at and nothing more.

As proposed in the secret proposal of the Quartet, if you need to get
elected by GC members, all you need to do is to "wine, dine and horse trade"
with a handful of people and do not have to worry about members. Favors are
easily bartered by promising titles, positions and other perquisites as is
done in political circles.


On 10/21/08, Anand <> wrote:
>   Some people have talked that Indians elect Indian President for the
> TS. This is wrong idea. In the entire history of the TS, N. Sri Ram
> was the only person with Indian citizenship. Most of the other
> Presidents were not holding Indian passport. That shows that members
> in India don't give much importance to the nationality of the
> candidate in the Presidential election.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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