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Re: Theos-World Re: VP Nomination by Aryel Sanat

Oct 21, 2008 01:30 PM
by MKR

Anyone aspiring to run for president has to travel and lecture and members
world-wide needs to get to know them.

Any amount of academic exercises and computer skills is not going to be
effective, even though it might help in marginal cases.

I still recall how John Coats used to travel around the world and India at a
time when he had no official title. He travelled at his own expense without
the support of the Indian Section and he did it because he liked travelling
and lecturing.

When he visited Bangalore, (I was living there at that time), a major city
now called Silicon Valley of India, no one knew who he was and also knew he
was coming and when he lande there, he took a cab looking for the TS Lodge.
The Lodge was locked up and he tracked down the Lodge Secretary's home and
once he was there, they took care of him.

There are three lodges in the city (two of them were inaugurated on a single
day by Col Olcott) and he lectured in two of them in one day. One of the
lodges had a small meeting room and a huge crowd turned out and the lecture
had to be moved out and was held out doors.

If anyone has the ambition and commitment to be elected, it can be done if
they are not arm-chair Internet theosophists. They can start travelling and
all sections will welcome travelling lecturers. The visits of lecturers does
give an impetus to the local lodges and they welcome them.

In the USA, I have been for years, mentioning about the experience of one of
the great entrepreneurs -- Sam Walton whose grocery chain has over 4000
branches and has the world's largest computer systems next only to the US
military HQ in Washington DC. When he was alive, he made it a point of
visiting each and every store at least once a year to see what is going on.
This model if adopted in the USA, we would have lot more lodges and lot more
members today. But it was not tried.

With the current age of the leaders - all in the 80s, it is a unique
opportunity for a younger person with interest and real commitment to
theosophy to start working and they will have their rewards. I hope someone
will jump at it unless the current clique messes it up and makes it
impossible for a young person to come up.


On 10/21/08, sampsakuukasjarvi <> wrote:
>   It is natural that Radha nominated Linda. I have thought for some time
> that Pedro or Linda Oliveira will be the next Vice-President, because
> Radha mentioned both of them by name in her famous letter in the
> beginning of the presidential election. Besides, Algeo's actions have
> opposed Radha in many ways, so why would she nominate him and/or would
> let him participate the next General Council meeting?
> The arguments in Bland's all letters are weird. I don't understand
> anything else what she says in them except that she says she wants to
> develop the Society, but her actions and words are exactly the opposite.
> If the General Council ratifies the nomination, Linda has pretty good
> chances to be the next President, too, though I don't think that she is
> yet very well-known among worldwide members.
> Australians are ruling :). We did learn earlier that Keith Fisher, the
> new International Scretary, is Australian, too. But let's see what the
> GC decides.
> Sampsa
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> Letzerich <eletzerich@...>
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> > Dear friends,
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> > To read a letter of Aryel Sanat sent yesterday to the GC click the
> link below. Aryel is talking about the nomination for a new VP.
> >
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> aryel-sanat/>
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> > Erica
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