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Writing & Talking about "Freedom of Thought"

Oct 21, 2008 09:22 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Pedro Oliveira has posted to Theos-Talk a message with the title: 

"Members' freedom is the life of the TS". 

You can read his posting at:

We might all agree that "Members' freedom is the life of the TS" but 
is it really PRACTISED and IMPLEMENTED as preached?

It is all well and good to write and talk about "freedom of thought" 
but of course ANY OF US can practice freedom of THOUGHT anytime, 
anywhere in the PRIVACY of our own thoughts or in our OWN homes, or 
among our friends, etc. 

But does freedom of thought translate into the freedom to speak, the 
freedom to write, the freedom to be published, for example in the 
Theosophical Society's magazines, to be allowed to speak freely at TS 
meetings, TS conventions, etc.?  And to do all of this without fear 
of "punishment"???

Do the official publications of the Theosophical Society (both on the 
international and national levels) allow for the publication, 
discussion and exchange of information, especially "controversial" 
or "unorthodox" facts and views???

Concerning the subject of "Freedom of thought" in the Adyar TS,
consider the following exchange betweeen Pedro Oliveira and Gregory 
Tillett on Theos-Talk.  I call attention to the fact that Pedro 
Oliveira in his communication (3) does NOT address the points raised 
by Gregory Tillett but simply says:

"The rantings of Dr Tillet against the Adyar TS are not new...."

Notice in this statement that Mr. Oliveira does NOT tell us why we 
should consider Dr. Tillett's comments as "rantings".  No details are 
given.  For some strange reason Mr. Oliveira does NOT tell us what is 
wrong or inaccurate in what Dr. Tillett has written.  

Now the exchange:

(1) Pedro Oliveira contributed a posting titled: The "Adyar" view
which can be found at:

(2) Gregory Tillett, historian and biographer of C.W. Leadbeater,
wrote a reply at:

(3) Pedro's reply to Gregory's comments are at:

(4) and Gregory replies to Pedro at:

A few additional observations:

Why was Gregory Tillett's biography of Mr. Leadbeater never reviewed 
in the pages of THE THEOSOPHIST???

Why was Paul Johnson's books on the Masters never reviewed in the 

Of course these books present Mr. Leadbeater and the Masters either 
in an unfavorable light or in a way that is not the "usual way" many 
Theosophists view Mr. Leadbeater and the Masters.

If the books contain misinformation, etc., then a good and indepth 
review in THE THEOSOPHIST could have pointed that out and told 
readers what the true facts are, etc.  Instead no review is given at 
all.   Why is that?  

Food for thought....


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