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Msg to Kuiper, Dutch General Secretary

Oct 21, 2008 07:08 AM
by MKR

Ms. Kuiper, the Dutch GS, is one of the Quartets who signed off on the top
secret proposal to disenfranchise members in the International Election in
addition revamping of the rules of TS.

The Dutch membership situation is in a sad state in that they did not
charter a single lodge in the last 50 years, a world record for the TS

With this background, now she and others in the clique wamt to mess with
international governance which will only bring down the TS world-wide. So I
sent the following msg to her. She has not responded.

I thought all of us would be interested in the continuing saga of power play
of the clique behind the scenes in the ultra secrecy of the GC activities.
May be it is time to tell our leaders it is time for them to leave.


Oct 20, 2008

Dear Sister Kuiper:

I am not sure if you are subscribed to the theos-talk maillist on where a lot of discussion on theosophy and theosophical
society and related issues are discussed by members around the world.

It is there that we all learnt about the proposed changes to the
International Rules submitted by Betty Bland of which you are one of the

If you are not subscribed to theos-talk, you can read all the messages and
keep up with what is going on in the world outside the General Council at
the following website:


I am giving below a message I posted today on theos-talk, which is copied at
the bottom. Do not take this personally since we are talking about policy
issues affecting members all over the world and whatever we do now is going
to have a far reaching repercussions on the organization lasting for a long
time. More of my views, I have been posting on the maillist.

My request is for you to openly withdraw your support for the proposed



MK Ramadoss, Member TS, USA

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