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Re: Soul

Oct 20, 2008 08:18 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:49 am ((PDT)) yanniru wrote:
> Leon,
> Very interesting. I never imagined that your fractal concepts might  
> apply to compactification.
> I'll have to ponder what you say below.
(See my email of 15 Oct)

> Now the key to my cosmology is that the compactified dimensions  
> eventually become particles
> what I call particles of space, that are separate but form a BEC.  
> Does that in any way resonate with your ABC model?

> Yanni


How else could fields of space "compact" if they weren't fractal  
involutions of the fundamental lines of force that compose the triune  
(total space) spherical field of cosmogenesis -- which emanates and  
radiates initially out of the cosmic singularity (that is rooted in  
eternally infinite Absolute Space)?
How, can "particles of space" be "separate" -- when they are simply  
spherical standing wave patterns or knots of that space and  
interconnected through the lines of force of the same space (matrix/ 
manifold) they are composed of?
(Or, do you consider "space" as being nothing in itself?)

Separation of the different particles are only apparent and related  
to their differences in frequency/energy levels... With similar  
particles being connected through their common zero-points of  
origination.  The BEC, therefore, can only occur at a temperature of  
absolute zero on the physical plane...  Which does not refer to the  
fields on the higher order astral, mental and spiritual planes that  
exist on different dimensions (levels) of overall, primal (or total  
space) -- and must have different levels of entropy and  
thermodynamics, as well as time and wave functions. These higher  
order fields, apparently, can only be BEC's at the their own  
particular zero-point thermal levels. However, at their  
circumferences they can carry "particularized" formative information  
(analogous to the radiant fields on the physical level).

In the ABC *holographic* model, all coenergetic fields, on any level  
of Total Space, fractally involve and apparently "compact"  
analogously and correspondingly to every other field on every other  
level.  Thus, each particle on the "physical" plane of cosmogenesis  
has its own spiritual, mental, astral and physical field aspects.   
Thereby, all structural information of the entire universe, or any  
particular or compound form, is contained at every zero-point  
singularity field center that is analogous with and corresponds to  
the cosmic primal field center.  This correspondence applies to all  
forms of invisible and visible matter/energy on the analogous lower  
order Astral and Physical levels.

Incidentally, none of that is in any way "supernatural" with respect  
to the morphogenetic nature of all higher order astral fields that  
directly interface (at their adjacent poles) and are  
"coenergetic" (phase conjugate adaptive resonant) at their coadunate  
circumferences, with the lower order Physical level fields.  This  
universal coenergetic field interaction process could easily explain  
the scientific basis of Sheldrake's morphic field theory of evolution.

Therefore, If your cosmology does not consider those holographic and  
electrodynamic conditions, that are analogous and corresponding on  
all levels of total space (including physical hyperspace and metric  
space) it does not "resonate" with my ABC model.

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