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Re: So Anand, what about Master Koot Hoomi??

Oct 20, 2008 11:59 AM
by Brian Scanlon

Brother Alex,

Dont look for my crude wording within HPBs work. Look for the essence of what true "Initiation" means as well as the "process" of initiation, and you will find your own answer (and perhaps your own Master). To know initiation is to know how to "live" and how to "die".

My only advice, is as Ive been told. And that is to at LEAST practise your Pratyehara daily, while doing your "Book study". Or you will simply be trapped within Exoteric shackles.

The vulgar term "Self" Initiate, is perhaps....misleading slightly as well, due to the common exoteric definition attached the term "Self". 

I shouldnt/cant do anyones homework for them (and that is said with 110% positive intention) and searching for your own answer and path is best (SD1 and 2 contains the information). And please only accept what I say as Truth, if you experiance it, for your "self".

Im not here to "convince" anyone of anything. Im simply sharing my perceptions and experiance, that has accumlated over the last 25 years of study and practise, of the Esoteric Tradition. Please take them on there own merrit or lack of (and that can only be determined by trying and/or experiancing).

Never has the statement been made by myself that, teachers and initiation are not needed, for ones spiritual journey. But I have said that Physical/Material Teachers and Initiation (Ritualism), are not always needed(though I didnt clairfy, I was speaking "Physicaly", as that was the context.), and in the material sence, there are very few material teachers qualified to give anyone else spiritual direction. Were in the Kali Yuga, so false prophets and false notions abound!

But on a side note, how many groups, that offer "Initiation", are actually authentic? What does even Initiation mean? To you ? To the TS? To sectarian groups? Is it all the same? Can you even become a true initiate via the TS ? or Via Masonic Lodges? or Sectarians ? And what is the differance between an Adept and an Initiate? 

I know many "Initiates", and have the same perception of many of them, that HPB had on many Masonic "Initiates" (In her writings she is openly critical). They simply degrade the Esoteric into Exoteric Dogma and have hollow ritual, that is the focal point, for a social club. 

My Vedic (initiate)Guru thinks all THeosophy is "Poppycock" and new age twaddle, so because he was initiated by someone, that means his word is Truth? Or does that invalidate HPBs teachings? He also thinks the idea of "Pre-Vedic" is "Poppycock"! Yet Ive experianced the direct opposite( and have half the time of study he has). So which of "us" is correct? Neither? Both? Either or? Things are never so clear and cut, in this world of Illusion.

Just food for thought my friend!



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