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TS - Failed Dutch Policies and preaching to the world

Oct 20, 2008 07:58 AM
by MKR

In a statement on, which was taken down some time
ago, there is a post which says:

"In our Dutch Section, a quarter to a third of the members are
unattached to any local group. In addition, the Section has nine
Lodges (some of which own their own buildings but whose members are
mainly older) and seven Study Centers (whose members are often
younger). No new Lodges have been chartered for some fifty years."

I was shocked to see no lodge was chartered in 50 years! The General
Secretary of the Dutch Section is one of the Quartets who signed off
on the ultra secret proposal to disenfranchise all the members in the
President election as well as other radical changes to the Rules.

It is ironic that with this sorry state of affairs in the Dutch
Section, the GS wants to implement changes around the world! Don't you
all think that she should first work where in the first place she was
elected for – to take care and nurture and grow the Dutch Section
before preaching to the rest of the world?

One wonders what is the motivation? I hope she comes forward and
enlightens all of us. It would be fascinating.


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