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Re: Theos-World Horse trading in the Theosophical Society

Oct 19, 2008 11:23 PM
by Drpsionic

Ok, let us first be realistic.  There are never going to be 150  members in 
the GC because they can't fit them in the meeting room and it would  be an 
unwieldy nightmare.
The whole idea of Theosophical Society GC members trading back and forth  
sounds like the story of the three stockbrokers on the desert island who got  
rich trading their hats back and forth.
Chuck the Heretic
In a message dated 10/19/2008 9:20:32 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Horse trading happens when both the parties are having almost  equal
votes. In this situation both the parties try to "buy" few  elected
members, so that their party gets majority in the parliament. In  this
context horses are those individuals who make the difference. And  they
are traded means both the parties try to buy them by paying  higher
monetary or other benefits so that they would support their  party,
giving that party majority. After getting majority in the  parliament,
they can pass any law this ruling party wants and they use  financial
and other resources for the benefit of the members of the ruling  party.
This understanding between horses and parties happens in secrete.  And
because they are few individuals, that make all the difference,  it
becomes possible to bribe them. But this is not possible if very  large
number of voters are electing the President because it is  practically
not possible to reach all the members in secrete and bribe  them. 
In TS also you will see some individuals who support position of  their
boss, on whose favor post and/or salary of these individuals depend.  
A small General Council of 37 has made it highly vulnerable to  wrong
In fact, secrecy which TS has now, is possible because  number of
members in the GC are too small. If they were 150 or so,  information
would leak through some members of the GC about what is going  on in
the GC.
Anand Gholap

--- In _theos-talk@yahoogrotheos-t_ ( ,  
MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> The can create new positions  such as Vice Presidents. Call each GS
as Vice
> President and this  title is more impressive. Those who are in need of a
> title to impress  others, will find it very attractive.
> mkr
> On  Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 8:03 PM, <Drpsionic@.Dr> wrote:
> > The point is well taken but I have to wonder what horses  they
have to
> > trade.
> >
> > What does a  member of the GC get in return for supporting a particular
> >  position?
> >
> > Chuck the Heretic
> >
>  >
> > In a message dated 10/19/2008 2:39:40 P.M. Central Daylight  Time,
> > AnandGholap@ Ana<AnandGholap%AnandGholap>  writes:
> >
> > Few days back MKR talked about possible  horse trading in the General
> > Council.
> > I think this  is an important point. When few General Secretaries are
> > given  authority to elect the President, horse trading might be done by
> >  parties in the General Council. In parliamentary democracy horse
> >  trading is a common problem.
> > But if large number of people are  electing the President, horse
> > trading becomes almost impossible.  That means if 30,000 members are
> > electing the president, culprits  can't contact and bribe such large
> > number of voters. Also horse  trading on such a large scale can not
> > remain secrete.
>  > But when few GC members are electing, then there is much  possibility
> > of horse trading. I have sometimes seen officers  serving their own
> > purpose through the TS. And current attempts by  some members to hijack
> > the TS also tells us that there is great  danger to the TS from these
> > officers.
> > Therefore it  is extremely important that the President of the TS be
> > elected by  popular voting i.e. voting by all 30,000 or so TS members.
> >  Best
> > Anand Gholap
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