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Re: Theos-World TS - Interesting info on Founders

Oct 19, 2008 06:09 PM
by Drpsionic

Oh, I can have some great fun with those folks.
Chuck the Heretic
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Run ......Leadbeater has reincarnated


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I made some additional  research and it seems that Stefano Martorano 
is president of the Cintamani  Institute:
_http://www.istituto_ (http://www.istituto/)  cintamani. org/index.  jsp

while COMUNITA DI ETICA VIVENTE (Pieve) seems to be part of World  
Service Inter-group:
_http://www.synthesi_ (http://www.synthesi/)

On its site  it is said that:

The purpose of the World Service Inter-group is to  generate a 
focused, conscious and deliberate inter-group effort to  specifically 
assist the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the  Reappearance of 
the Christ.

Hierarchy is a term used here to refer  to those spiritual Masters of 
all traditions who have evolved through  human experience to embody 
greater light, love-wisdom and spiritual power  through ceaseless 
service to humanity and the Divine Plan. They have  worked throughout 
the ages to further human evolution, and They are now in  process 
of "externalizing" or becoming known in public life.

One of  our tasks is to recognize them, and assist them by preparing 
humanity for  the imminent reappearance of the World Teacher. This 
World Teacher, or The  Coming One is known by many different names in 
the various spiritual  traditions: Christ; Maitreya; Messiah; Imam 
Mahdi etc. This reappearance  will be preceded by a widespread opening 
of the heart of humanity, and a  recognition of the inner teacher in 
each one of us, manifesting as a  consciousness of love and service to 

And here are some bio  data on Stefano Martorano's teacher Roberto 
_http://www.psykosyn_ (http://www.psykosyn/) 146/

On the Theosophical Society in Italy web site history  page:
_http://www.teosofic_ (http://www.teosofic/) index.cfm?  
he is not mentioned at all.

Best  regards,

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> Dear MKR and  friends
> My views are:
> Thanks for offering  the article MKR.
> Yack...
> This is as far as I am  concerned an article written by a more or 
less conscious Jesuit.
> Master Morya can hardly be degraded to the level of Ranbir Singh  
> - getting married, having a white beard and all.
> _http://en.wikipedia_ (http://en.wikipedia/)   .org/wiki/ Ranbir_Singh
> Ranbir Singh was according to my  views a kind of a Morya chela.
> The questions that  beg to be answered are:
> Who was it Ranbir Singh visited, when he had  trouble?
> Who was Swami Shankar Razdan and the Devi he meet, and Swami  
Zanardan Dhar?
> _http://www.koausa._ (http://www.koausa./)  org/Saints/ ShankarRazdan.  html
> M. Sufilight
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>  Subject: Theos-World TS - Interesting info on Founders
> Here is a very interesting article by an Italian regarding TS,  
its Founders
> and related matters. I found it interesting.
> <
_http://www.istituto_ (http://www.istituto/)  cintamani.  org/englishSessi 
on/Theosophy_ Timeless_ Wis
> >
> mkr
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