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Re: Theos-World Horse trading in the Theosophical Society

Oct 19, 2008 06:07 PM
by Drpsionic

If worst comes to worst they can be given the choice of opening up the  
meetings of the council or having remote viewers open them for the  council.
Chuck the Heretic
In a message dated 10/19/2008 4:45:35 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

There was a statement by one of the Adepts that human nature in Adyar is  no
different that in the streets of London. Too long we were all in a state  of
denial that theosophists, especially those who have been around for  years
and a number of letters in front and back of their names and in some  cases
some numbers on the back would be living up to the highest levels of  ethics
and morality lectured by them; Also, the Master was 100% right; of  course we
should not blame the individuals because, it is only under  pressure and
temptation that the real natures of all of us is revealed and  it is upto us
ordinary members to be very vigilant and build protections  that prevent
individuals hurting the organization and its cause; the they  are more
important and larger than our poor selves, however high we may  think of
ourselves. I am also very glad that we all woke up timely  before
irreversible damage is done, even though let us not under estimate  the
potential for damage. Let us keep vigilant and do what we  can.

Opening up the all GC proceedings and decisions is the only long  term
safeguard from GC decisions hurting the TS because the GC can  cause
continuing trouble to the President from effectively and  efficiently
functioning. (Because of existing secrecy, we do not have any  idea what is
going on today behind the scenes and not a single GC member is  talking. Why
would they? They dare not do it because, they cannot publicly  stand up to
the stands they take.)

Let us also once more remember  the wise advise of Master KH to Annie Besant
that Unnecessary secrecy has  killed many organizations.


On Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 2:39 PM,  Anand <_AnandGholap@AnandGhol_ 
( >  wrote:

> Few days back MKR talked about possible horse trading in  the General
> Council.
> I think this is an important point. When  few General Secretaries are
> given authority to elect the President,  horse trading might be done by
> parties in the General Council. In  parliamentary democracy horse
> trading is a common problem.
> But  if large number of people are electing the President, horse
> trading  becomes almost impossible. That means if 30,000 members are
> electing  the president, culprits can't contact and bribe such large
> number of  voters. Also horse trading on such a large scale can not
> remain  secrete.
> But when few GC members are electing, then there is much  possibility
> of horse trading. I have sometimes seen officers serving  their own
> purpose through the TS. And current attempts by some members  to hijack
> the TS also tells us that there is great danger to the TS  from these
> officers.
> Therefore it is extremely important that  the President of the TS be
> elected by popular voting i.e. voting by  all 30,000 or so TS members.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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