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Re: [Mind and Brain] An essay on (the hard problem of) consciousness (part 1)

Oct 19, 2008 05:28 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Oct 19, 2008, at 10/19/0812:44 AM, wrote:

"The problem with this explanation is that EM fields emanating from  
the human body have been searched for extensively at MIT and most  
likely elsewhere and none have been found. I would suggest Leon that  
the mathematics behind your concepts may be correct but that the  
information you talk of is more likely carried by Sheldrakes  
morphogenetic fields, or something of that sort like Iskakov's  
microlepton BEC, which are beyond experimental detection, presuming  
that they exist."

Thanks for your observations related to currently unproved advanced  
theories of evolution and physics.

However, the EM fields I speak of that radiate beyond the limits of  
the body, are the primary higher order resonant "spiritual-mental- 
astral" fields and their fractal involved harmonics in hyperspace  
(such as those postulated in string theories). See: illustrations**  

Although I see all such fields as being smooth and symmetric BEC  
analogs extending everywhere in metric space -- they would include  
the highest order "morphogenetic fields" of Sheldrake, as well as the  
the lowest order subquantum fields carrying the supposed  
(mathematically artifactual) "microlepton" particles of Iskakov (as  
well as the strong and electro-weak forces of quantum physics).  The  
lowest order of all metric radiant energy fields would be the EM  
fields on the quantum and classical physical/material level that we  
can measure as "brain waves". (These waves would not be energetic  
enough to extend much further than a short distance from the skull.)

Naturally, being at higher frequency/energy phase orders than  
ordinary (light-speed-limited) metric space and matter -- no such  
hyperspace fields could ever be detected by any means limited to the  
physical/material aspects of metric space.

However, the fact that they can be detected (through the  
informational images they carry) by our individual personal  
consciousness (that is beyond all metric space and time) -- is a  
repeatable subjective observational proof of their objective existence.

The further facts that everyone can experientially and (reportedly)  
detect the visual and other sensory image information carried in the  
higher order mind and memory fields, and that the nature of such  
common experience is predictable  and locatable (with reference to  
each controlled sensory input) -- would appear to be sufficient to  
make such repeatable experimental proof of their existence, a  
scientific fact... And, the hypothesized holographic existence of  
such fields -- located everywhere in metric space (analogous to the  
fractal involved primal fields of cosmogenesis) with consciousness  
(awareness-will) being the fundamental quality of absolute zero-point  
space -- a valid scientific theory**.  Q.E.D.

Best wishes,
Leon Maurer
** "Panpsychism is reality"
Note: the illustration links in this article will not be functional  
after 10/31/2008
(Due to AOL closing down its ISP services.)
If needed as reference, they should be downloaded before then. thanks

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Sent: Sat, 18 Oct 2008 11:41 pm
Subject: Re: [Mind and Brain] An essay on (the hard problem of)  
consciousness (part 1)

On Oct 15, 2008, at 10/15/086:27 AM, Robert Karl Stonjek wrote:
The physical boundary = the skin.  If you consider the whole person  
to be the self then the self is bounded by the skin.

The commonly accepted assumption in the scientific study of  
consciousness is that the brain is where experience and experience of  
experience occurs.  It is an assumption considered to be a sufficient  
first approximation where the onus is on those who disagree with it  
to establish their case scientifically.

Kind Regards
Robert Karl Stonjek


Here's one approach that might scientifically establish the case that  
the self is NOT bounded by the skin.

The falsity of the assumption "that the brain is where experience and  
experience of experience occurs" -- can be proven by the falsity of  
the original assumption that "the whole person is the self" and,  
therefore, "the self is bounded by the skin'.

If the self visually experiences the the entire spherical field of  
the universe from a *unique* geometric point in the center of the  
head -- then that experience must extend to the furthest  
circumference of the spherical energy field surrounding that central  
point, which carries on its surface the holographic image at each  
point of infinite radii seen from that POV.

Since, such a central POV is different for each conscious being --  
then, the extent of the visual image particular to that "self"--  
(which would be carried as modulated wave interference patterns of  
light information on a radiant field originating from each such point  
source) -- would be part of the "body" of the individual viewer.

Thus, since there can be no discontinuity between the image seen and  
the point source of its radiant carrier field, the "self" would not  
be bounded by the skin, but by the furthest reach of the harmonic  
radiant image-carrying field surrounding the brain-body.

Since the body is entirely transparent to all such radiant fields --  
this would apply if the image is carried on the EM field of the brain  
(which can extend beyond the material body) or on a harmonic,  
resonantly transformed higher frequency phase order field in  
hyperspace (such as scientifically hypothesized by string and quantum  
field theories).

However, the statement "that the brain is where experience and  
experience of experience occurs" can be only partially true -- since  
it refers to the experience of visual and audio consciousness at a  
particular point in the brain -- but has no validity when referred to  
the experience of taste, smell and touch at many different remote  
points throughout the body... Although, it could also be entirely  
true if it is assumed that the brain-body along with all its  
interconnecting radiant fields and their harmonics, are one  
continuous thing.

But, I think you were only referring to the neural networks of the  
cortical areas of the LH-RH cerebellum linked through the medulla,  
cerebellum, corpus callosum, etc.  If so, then the statement is  
substantially false, as I've shown.

In any event, the visual and audio subjective experience would have  
to be limited, geometrically, to a particular central point in the  
brain-body... In order for us to be able to analog-compute and  
exactly/instantaneously coordinate the position of the body (and all  
its appendages) within the holographically experienced, 3-dimensional  
audio-visual field of consciousness (extending, spherically, as far  
out beyond the body as we can hear or see).  This, of course, would  
also be a confirmation that there are no disconnections between  
anything in the universe, and that all consciousness (awareness,  
will, etc) are essential *subjective* functions of the ubiquitous  
originating zero-points of absolute space -- that are particularized  
(individualized) potentially, when surrounded by a singular material  
form, or phenomenally, when surrounded by a compound organic body of  
one degree of sentient complexity or another.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer


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