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TS - Political Situation in India

Oct 19, 2008 05:03 PM
by MKR

Very few outside India know how deeply many theosophists were involved in
the Indian Independence movement and of course everyone knows Annie Besant's
political activities for which she was elected the President of Indian
National Congress. While we may not see it, even today TS enjoys support
from a lot of politicians past and present.

Years ago, Indian Govt passed a law requiring all Indian corporations to
have 51% local control. IBM's Indian subsidiary was 100% owned by IBM USA
and Indian Govt did not budge and IBM chose to close down the business in
India. If the GC goes on meddling with the Rules and a handful of members
try to seize control of TS, we should not be surprised at a legal challenge.
Furthermore, considering the importance of Adyar, and TS  as a tax-exempt
religious charitable organization, it would not surprise me if  the Govt
passes a law imposing majority Indian control of all tax exempt charitable
organizations, which would include TS. This would be a permanent slam dunk
to end all machinations.


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