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Horse trading in the Theosophical Society

Oct 19, 2008 12:39 PM
by Anand

Few days back MKR talked about possible horse trading in the General
I think this is an important point. When few General Secretaries are
given authority to elect the President, horse trading might be done by
parties in the General Council. In parliamentary democracy horse
trading is a common problem. 
But if large number of people are electing the President, horse
trading becomes almost impossible. That means if 30,000 members are
electing the president, culprits can't contact and bribe such large
number of voters. Also horse trading on such a large scale can not
remain secrete. 
But when few GC members are electing, then there is much possibility
of horse trading. I have sometimes seen officers serving their own
purpose through the TS. And current attempts by some members to hijack
the TS also tells us that there is great danger to the TS from these
Therefore it is extremely important that the President of the TS be
elected by popular voting i.e. voting by all 30,000 or so TS members.
Anand Gholap

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