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Re: Anand's New Possibility: HPB created the form of the Master

Oct 19, 2008 03:42 AM
by christinaleestemaker

As HPB have said somewhere : "Nothing in manifestation is perfect".

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> Anand will shapeshift anything to suit his beliefs
> Cass
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> Subject: Theos-World Anand's New Possibility: HPB created the form 
of the Master
> Anand,
> Having given you some of the firsthand testimony of people who saw 
> the Mahatmas and also received some of the Mahatma letters when 
> Blavatsky was hundreds if not thousands of miles away, you now tell 
> us here at Theos-Talk the following:
> ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -
> Some people reported seeing Master while they received Mahatma 
> Letters. But I think it was possible for HPB to create a form of 
> Master, show that form to people, and making them feel that Master 
> had visited them or met them. This I am giving you as one 
> behind seeing Master physically or astrally.
> Just as Blavatsky could materialize letters, perhaps she could also
> create a form of the Master, giving the impression to concerned
> individuals that Master visited them and gave letter.
> I know some people here will say that I am stretching my imagination
> too much. But, I think, true researchers of such phenomena won't 
> such possibilities and will consider seriously before concluding 
> real Master visited those individuals and handed over letters.
> ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -
> So Anand, if Madame Blavatsky herself had the ability/power 
> to "create a form of the Master, show that form to people, and ... 
> [make] them feel that Master had visited them or met them", what 
> might the the "true researcher" want to consider???? ?
> If HPB could indeed "create a form of the Master" and bamboozle 
> people into thinking a "real Master visited those individuals" , 
> have YOU considered an even MORE thought-provoking possibility?
> Anand, isn't it also possible that there were NO Masters Koot Hoomi 
> and Morya and Djual Khool --- no masters at all? They just didn't 
> really exist!!!
> H.P. Blavatsky --- being the devious character you have tried to 
> portray her as --- simply MADE UP, INVENTED the Mahatmas in the 
> place. And she used this remarkable power to BAMBOOZLE all the 
> Theosophists --- Colonel Olcott, A.P. Sinnett, Countess 
> S. Ramaswamier, William Q Judge, C.W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant and 
> few dozen other people --- into believing they had encountered 
> Mahatmas when in fact they were simply experiencing thought-forms 
> created by Blavatsky herself.
> Certainly isn't this just as possible as your own "possibility" 
> you wanted us to consider?
> If anything, she was THE Mahatma!!!! She simply created the 
> other "Masters" to serve her scheme and plan --- whatever that 
> have 
> been!!!!
> I invite you will chew on that morsel of food. :)
> Daniel
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