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Re: So Anand, what about Master Koot Hoomi??

Oct 18, 2008 06:24 PM
by Brian Scanlon


In my perception, ALL exoteric dogmatic groups need "leaders".
True Spiritual systems of enlightenment (Esoteric traditions) do not have "leaders", they have "teachers" or "Masters of the Teachings".

One also, is only alloted, as much as their individual Karma allows, at least in my experiance and study.

And who has perception clear enough, to be able to determine and/or Judge, anothers Karma, and their allotment of the Esoteric Teachings? 

Your "Intuition" is dead-on for you;)~wink~ (and we share the same "Intuition")! HPB talks about self-initiates, within her writings. And yes one ONLY needs ONES OWN MASTER, found within, IF ones Karma dictates it. This truth doesnt apply to everyone though.

No one has the spiritual right to correct you or tell you, what the truth is for you.  Your Budhi, knows what you have to experiance, to learn what you have to learn, and to counter balance your karma. Some people, might have to take the long way around to come to the point, where they can overcome duality. 

    Yours in Truth


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