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Re: Theos-World Dr. Hubbe Schleiden Receives KH Letter in Germany

Oct 18, 2008 04:53 PM
by Cass Silva


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Subject: Theos-World Dr. Hubbe Schleiden Receives KH Letter in Germany

Dr. Hubbe Schleiden writes to Madame Blavatsky:

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On the morning of the 1st of this month Colonel Olcott and I were 
travelling by an express train from here to Dresden. A few days 
before I had written a letter to the Mahatmas which Colonel Olcott 
had addressed and enclosed to you, which, however, as I now hear, 
never reached you but was taken by the Masters whilst it was in the 
hands of the post officials. At the time mentioned I was not 
thinking of this letter, but was relating to Colonel Olcott some 
events of my life, expressing also the fact that since my sixth or 
seventh year I had never known peace or joy, and asking Colonel 
Olcott's opinion on the meaning of some striking hardships I have 
gone through. In this conversation we were interrupted by the 
railway-guard demanding our tickets. When I moved forwards and 
raised myself partly from the seat in order to hand over the tickets, 
Colonel Olcott noticed something white lying behind my back on that 
side of me which was opposite to the one where he was sitting. When 
I took up that which had appeared there it turned out to be a Tibetan 
envelope, in which I found a letter from Mahatma K.H., written with 
blue pencil in his well-known and unmistakable handwriting. As there 
were several other persons unacquainted to us in the compartment, I 
suppose the Master chose this place for depositing the letter near me 
where it was the least likely to attract the unwelcome attention and 
curiosity of outsiders. The envelope was plainly addressed to me, 
and the communication contained in the letter was a consoling 
reflection on the opinion which I had five or ten minutes ago given 
on the dreary event of my past life. The Mahatma explained that such 
events and the mental misery attached to it were beyond the ordinary 
run of life, but that hardships of all kinds would be the lot of one 
striving for higher spiritual development. He very kindly expressed 
his opinion that I had already achieved some philanthropic work for 
the good of the world. In this letter were also answered some of the 
questions which I had put in my first-mentioned letter, and an 
assurance was given me that I was to receive assistance and advice 
when I should be in need of it. 
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Quoted from:
http://blavatskyarc schleidenletters spr.htm



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