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Re: Theos-World Alice Gordon on Receiving KH Letter at Howrah, India

Oct 18, 2008 04:53 PM
by Cass Silva


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Subject: Theos-World Alice Gordon on Receiving KH Letter at Howrah, India

Mrs. Alice Gordon writes:

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At this hour we three - Colonel Olcott, Colonel Gordon, and myself, - 
sat in the room which had been occupied by Mr. Eglinton. We had a 
good light, and sat with our chairs placed to form a triangle of 
which the apex was to the north. In a few minutes Colonel Olcott saw 
outside the open window the two "Brothers" whose names are best known 
to us, and told us so; he saw them pass to another window, the glass 
doors of which were closed. He saw one of them point his hand towards 
the air over my head, and I felt something at the same moment fall 
straight down from above on to my shoulder and saw it fall at my feet 
in the direction towards the two gentlemen. I knew it would be the 
letter, but for the moment I was so anxious to see the "Brothers" 
that I did not pick up what had fallen. Colonel Gordon and Colonel 
Olcott both saw and heard the letter fall. Colonel Olcott had turned 
his head from the window for a moment to see what the "Brother" was 
pointing at and so noticed the letter falling from a point about two 
feet from the ceiling. When he looked again the two "Brothers" had 

There is no verandah outside, and the window is several feet from the 

I now turned and picked up what had fallen on me, and found a letter 
in Mr. Eglinton's handwriting dated on the Vega the 24th; a message 
from Madame Blavatsky, dated at Bombay the 24th, written on the backs 
of three of her visiting cards; also a larger card such as Mr. 
Eglinton had a packet of, and used at his seances. On this latter 
card was the, to us, well-known handwriting of K. H. and a few words 
in the handwriting of the other "Brother," who was with him outside 
our windows, and who is Col. Olcott's Chief. ...

The handwriting on these cards and signature are perfectly well-known 
to us. That on the larger card (from Mr. Eglinton's packet) attached 
was easily recognized as coming from Koot Hoomi. Colonel Gordon and I 
know his writing as well as our own; it is so distinctly different 
from any other I have ever seen that among thousands I could select 
it. He says, 

"William Eglinton thought the manifestation could only be produced 
through H. P. B. as a `medium,' and that the power would become 
exhausted at Bombay. We decided otherwise. Let this be a proof to all 
that the spirit of living man has as much potentiality in it, and, 
often more, as a disembodied soul. He was anxious to test her, he 
often doubted; two night ago he had the required proof and will doubt 
no more. But he is a good young man, bright, honest and true as gold 
when once convinced. * * *

This card was taken from his stock to-day. Let it be an additional 
proof of his wonderful mediumship. * *"

K. H.

This is written in blue ink, and across it is written in red ink a 
few words from the other "Brother" (Col. Olcott's Chohan or Chief). 
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http://blavatskyarc gordon3.htm



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