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Re: Theos-World Anand Gholap had not supported John Algeo in the election

Oct 18, 2008 02:58 PM
by MKR

Glad to see your clarification.

You neutral stand had a very important contribution. It may be recalled that
just before the election you were an eyewitness to a lecture delivered by
Radhaji in Pune(I think) that confirmed that she was fully functional
mentallly and physically. You posted a msg here to this effect.

This was a very important first hand confirmation contradicting
the characterization by some GC members that she is sick both mentally and
physically and hence the members should vote for Algeo. Members who had not
had a chance to see and talk to Radhaji had to rely on third parties'
reports. Nothing is better than from a personal who had openly declared the
he is going to be neutral in the election. Your message, I am sure
influenced many members.

Our gratitude to Anand for this valuable service.


On 10/18/08, Anand <> wrote:
>   Before voting I had written in this group that in this Presidential
> election I was going to be neutral. I was neither voting for Radha
> Burnier nor for John Algeo. And accordingly I acted during the
> election. I did not vote for John Algeo and also not for Radha Burnier.
> This I am writing again because some people may not have read my
> e-mail stating my neutral position in the Presidential election.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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