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Re: Theos-World Power Structures & Theosophical Societies, Groups

Oct 18, 2008 01:39 PM
by Raquel Rodríguez

Hi Anton 
Thank you for such a lovely metafore. It fits perfect to my simple mind. I´m glad we agree, coming from you in did it is much better expressed. I would also have liked to become an architect, but too hippy on my twenties, later on my thirties I just could not go on. Inspired by a postcard of an Alhambra mosaic that traveled with me for many years through Europe I finally settle here and try to live out of ceramic. The rents of the workshop obliged me to get a more profitable job and loving architectural ceramic I got in to construction in the most artistic way I could. I am especialized on restoration and also decoration and I don´t use my workshop very much but still keep it and keep dreaming the things I would love to create. 
One lifetime it is definitely not enough to fulfill ones dreams. So much wander, so much beauty, so much magic...
Moors in Granada they had for a lapse of time a beautiful culture with no precedents. What happened on those times is that Islamic, Jewish and Christian Mysticism where able to coexist on a peaceful manner. This gave growth to high development on science, arts and of course mysticism. The living proof that differneces should be constructive. You should come and visit it.
Very Best Regards

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