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The Master Supervises HPB's Writing

Oct 18, 2008 09:44 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Countess Wachtmeister writes:

One day at this time, when I walked into HPB's writing room, I found 
the floor strewn with sheets of discarded manuscript. I asked the 
meaning of this scene of confusion, and she replied, "Yes, I have 
tried twelve times to write this one page correctly, and each time 
Master says it is wrong. I think I shall go mad, writing it so often; 
but leave me alone, I will not pause until I have conquered it, even 
if I have to go on all night."

I brought a cup of coffee to refresh and sustain her, and then left 
her to prosecute her weary task. An hour later I heard her voice 
calling me, and on entering found that, at last, the passage was 
completed to satisfaction, but the labor had been terrible, and the 
results were often at this time small and uncertain.

As she leant back enjoying her cigarette and the sense of relief from 
arduous effort, I rested on the arm of her great chair and asked her 
how it was she could make mistakes in setting down what was given to 
her. She said: "Well, you see, what I do is this. I make what I can 
only describe as a sort of vacuum in the air before me, and fix my 
sight and my will upon it, and soon scene after scene passes before 
me like the successive pictures of a diorama, or, if I need a 
reference or information from some book, I fix my mind intently, and 
the astral counterpart of the book appears, and from it I take what I 
need. The more perfectly my mind is freed from distractions and 
mortifications, the more energy and intentness it possesses, the more 
easily I can do this; but to-day, after all the vexations I have 
undergone, I could not concentrate properly, and each time I tried I 
got the quotations all wrong. Master says it is right now, so let us 
go in and have some tea."
Quoted from:

Notice the words:  "Master says it is right now...."

Many more examples could be given.


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