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S. Ramaswamier Received Letters from Master Morya

Oct 18, 2008 08:50 AM
by danielhcaldwell

S. Ramaswamier writes about receiving messages, notes and letters 
from the Master Morya:

The Padres say that all phenomena have been produced by trickery by 
Madame Blavatsky with the aid of the Coulombs.  I shall mention two 
instances, out of several, that have come under my personal 
experience.  An American gentleman of a well known firm, who is not 
in any way connected with the Society, wrote a letter to me asking 
certain questions in Aryan philosophy.  On opening it as soon as the 
postman gave it to me at my place in Tinnevelly we found that the 
answers to the more intricate questions were already entered opposite 
each of them, under the well-known initials of my revered Guru.  The 
letter is still with me and Madame Blavatsky to this day knows 
nothing of it.  One day in my place at Tinnevelly, a learned Pandit 
of the Shaktaya sect was speaking to us in flowing terms of the 
advantages of the Shaktaya ceremonials over all others in the 
development of psychical powers.  I noted down in his presence the 
salient points of his argument on paper, put it into an envelope, 
addressed it to my Guru, and placed it in my box.  This happened in 
the evening.  The next morning I saw on my table, along with other 
papers, the same cover unopened but with my address written over the 
previous superscription.  I opened it and found written between the 
lines of the original letter a crushing answer to all the false logic 
of the Pandit, with quotations in Sanskrit from the Upanishads neatly 
written in the Devanagari characters.  Madame Blavatsky was in Madras 
then and to this day she is ignorant of this letter or its reply.  
Scores of letters of this kind received by us from our Venerated 
Master, when we were far away from Madame Blavatsky or Colonel 
Olcott, are in our possession.  Many of our friends have seen several 
of them.  Some of them contain Tamil quotations written in neat 
Quoted from:


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