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Re: Referendum rule must be included

Oct 18, 2008 08:22 AM
by Anand

--- In, Erica Letzerich <eletzerich@...> wrote:
> Dear Anand,
> In fact I shall propose to the council of the T.S. here in Greece to
present such a suggestion to be discussed during the GC meeting of
2009. I might also try to get the support of some other members of the
GC. I will read the Bylaws carefully and try to elaborate something
maybe with the help of a lawyer here. 
> I think something similar should be applied to every Section. When a
Section changes their Bylaws they must send it to be approved in
Adyar. I think the International Bylaws should contain a rule, to
cases of Section that want to change the way the General Secretary is
elected, the  Section must first get a referendum of at least 65
percent of the members, and only after Adyar would be in position to
approve the proposed change.
> I know of some Sections the members are upset, because their right
to vote for General Secretary was removed without referendum.

We need to build consensus among the General Council members about
including referendum rule for the change in election procedure for the
post of the President. If we pass this in General Council meeting,
culprits won't be able to hijack the Theosophical Society. TS was
built and run in last 133 years with great efforts on the part of
Masters, founders and many other leaders. They gave their entire life
to building and running the TS. We can not allow culprits to hijack
the society.
There  are also some other changes required in the present
constitution, on which we will work in coming weeks and months. But
presently inclusion of referendum rule is urgent to save the
Theosophical Society. 
As you mentioned, for lower levels also proper rules must be made to
ensure that voting rights of members are preserved.
Anand Gholap

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