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Bhawani Shankar on Receiving of Mahatma Letters

Oct 18, 2008 07:55 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Statement by Bhawani Shankar on receiving of Mahatma Letters

..."I was staying with Sinnett at Allahabad. H.P.B. was at Bombay. 
One night, Sinnett asked me to try and get a letter through 
to 'Master K.H.' He gave me the sealed letter. I went to bed, putting 
the letter under my pillow. I was trying to read, but my curiosity 
made me look under my pillow once --- the letter was still there --- 
twice --- the letter was still there --- but the third time I looked 
it had gone, and I distinctly saw the shadowy outlines of the `Master 

"The next morning, Mr. Sinnett received the answer under my pillow, 
from `K.H.' (This phenomenon is recorded in The Occult World.)


"I was alone in Berabanki, near Lucknow, Oudh. H.P.B. was in Bombay, 
when I received a letter from the `Master K.H.' bidding me go and see 
him in Kashmir. I recognised the Master's writing. . . . I went to 
Kashmir, and I saw the Master in his physical body.

..."H.P.B. again absent. I was in the train with Colonel Olcott and 
Damodar. A letter from Master K.H. was --- by no normal means --- put 
inside my leather satchel-purse, the strap of which was around my 
neck, the bag itself being in a deep pocket of my costume. The letter 
was not there when we started. The letter was addressed to me.

..."H.P.B. in Bombay. I was in Bankipur (Behar) with Colonel Olcott. 
He received a letter, posted in America, which when opened was found 
to contain a letter from Master M. written in Telugu, a South-Indian 
language which Colonel Olcott did not know. I translated the letter 
to him: it contained advice and directions for the work."

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