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TS - Throwing Monkey Wrenches

Oct 18, 2008 07:22 AM
by MKR

Looking at the disenfranchisement plan, some members are of the opinion that
after trying steal the election by trying to present Radhaji as sick
mentally and physically, the member disenfranchsement plan is the first
monkey's wrench thrown at the International Administration. Normally members
would have been in bliss due to ignorance of the secret proceedings/plans
and speed with which it was sought to be accomplished would have provided an
opening for further consolidation of power in the hands of a few GC members
thus reducing the International President to be a puppet under their thumb.

As I have repeatedly stated, it is the great secrecy with which the GC is
able to operate, that gives the GC members the latitude and opportunity to
interfere with the function of the president as well as continued tossing of
monkey wrenches without the general membership knowing anything about it.
Openness and transparency will make them openly stand up for the issues each
GC member stands for or against and this will enable their section members
either support or oppose what their leader is doing. All are human with the
traditional human failings of egoism, vested interests and eagerness to hold
on to power and prestige. If the members consider the stand of their rep is
inappropriate, unjust and egregious, the members will get mad and recall
them and prevent them from causing more trouble to the TS.

I think the business of highest priority should be that all matters relating
to the National business meetings and GC meetings should be in the open.
Members should be able to be present as observers and all votes on all
issues taken in the open and not behind closed doors. This may be seen as
impractical for those who have gotten used to taking decisions in secrecy
and with very token disclosure. This token disclosure, is not the same as
total transparency. Open  meetings and decison making is the hall mark of
democracy and is what is followed world-over.

Unless some wise and cool heads see the transparency issue, and do something
about it quickly, we are on a path of great turmoil and trouble, chaos and
possibly serious damage to the institution we all dearly consider sacred.

M K Ramadoss

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